The Great Lakes and a humid continental climate have caused Michigan residents to suffer at the hands of basement flooding. Grand Rapids receives more precipitation than most of the state, putting the city at an increased risk for flooding. Basement flooding in Grand Rapids can lead to a host of structural and environmental health hazards that are to be avoided.

As your trusted residential waterproofer in Michigan, we at StayDry Waterproofing thought it would be beneficial to present a guide to basement flooding issues in Grand Rapids. This comprehensive guide can help you determine the basement waterproofing method that will best solve your basement flooding.


Basement flooding is not uncommon in Grand Rapids. This robust city sits along the Grand River about 30 miles east of Lake Michigan. These factors contribute to an immense amount of precipitation in the area, especially in the winter months when snow is abundant. When snow melts, the water is able to seep into your home via foundation cracks.

When your basement floods, everything is at risk of being damaged or destroyed by water. In fact, basement flooding in Grand Rapids can lead to a host of structural problems that can put your home at risk for collapse or damage the foundation. Preventing these issues is far less expensive than correcting them after the issue has occurred.


When it comes to preventing basement flooding, StayDry offers a number of waterproofing options to help protect your Grand Rapids home from water damage. Every home and situation is unique, however, so it is important to have a StayDry hero perform a free consultation before you decide on the basement waterproofing method for your home. Some of the high-quality waterproofing services we offer Grand Rapids residents are:

  • French Drain System: One of the best ways to expel water from your home is to have a French drain system installed. This waterproofer sits below the basement floor and drains any water that enters your basement away from the home.
  • Sump Pump Installation: Along with a French drain, sump pumps can work to collect and redirect water away from the home. To increase the efficiency of your French drain system, connect it to a sump pump to redirect water from your basement.
  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing: Our most extensive waterproofing service is our exterior basement waterproofing. This requires exposing the foundation of your home in order to apply a protective waterproof barrier to your home. This will prevent water from seeping into your basement.


Obviously, the greatest benefit you can reap from waterproofing your basement is protecting your home from basement flooding and the water damage that accompanies it. However, there are additional benefits you can gain from basement waterproofing. For example, having a waterproofing system installed to protect your basement can increase your home’s value.

Better yet, many of our services, excluding exterior basement waterproofing, are backed by our fully transferable lifetime guarantee. This can make your home more appealing to buyers, should you choose to sell it, as the waterproofing system is covered for its lifetime, regardless of the homeowner.

Additionally, basement waterproofing in Grand Rapids can protect your home from potential health hazards. If left unrepaired, water damage can become a haven for mold and mildew growth. Mold in your home or basement can cause adverse health effects including respiratory illnesses like asthma. By waterproofing your home, you can avoid these potentially harmful effects caused by water damage and basement flooding.


We can rant and rave all day about our expertise in the residential waterproofing industry and how we can help protect your home from basement flooding, but who better to explain the quality of our services than homeowners who have utilized our services before.

In November, 2015, I had StayDry install a system in my basement. Every one of the staff that I had dealings with were kind and respectful, and I felt at ease having them in my home. The system they put in works beautifully! With all the snow and rain we’ve had the last few months, not a drop of water or even signs of water in my basement. Highly recommend that if you need a system installed, StayDry is the company to go with! – Jean Schultz

I was very impressed with all the men from Stay Dry and the work they did which was done in a very efficient and timely manner. After a winter of 20 plus inches of snow which seemed to melt all at once, the basement waterproofing system worked perfectly. – Denise Phillips

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