Many homeowners feel like they have the knowledge and skills to do their own home repair–including basement waterproofing and crawl space repair. Simply put, you should call StayDry® because we are professionals. We have 100+ years of basement waterproofing experience and crawl space repair. We also have an industry leading lifetime warranty that is available nowhere else in Michigan.

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100+ Years of Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Experience

Here are some of the reasons that you should not do your own crawl space repair:

StayDry® Will Catch Every Problem

If water has stood under your house for long periods of time, installing a crawl space vapor barrier might only mask the problem.  Before engaging in crawl space waterproofing, it’s important to inspect your crawl space for signs of damage. You may find that the water has rotted the joists that support your entire home, requiring you to replace some of them. Another serious problem you could overlook is mold. Mold spores love damp areas such as your crawl space. Crawl space waterproofing alone will not rid your crawl space of mold. Before installing a vapor barrier, proper drying and cleanup must occur. Luckily, a professional will crawl under your house and thoroughly examine the area before beginning your project.

StayDry® Has All the Proper Materials 

A professional crawl space waterproofing company will have the proper materials and products to permanently seal, waterproof and condition your crawl space. Most do it yourself homeowners use thin plastic liner to line the ground of their crawl space thinking that they are doing it right. Professional crawl space waterproofing companies now use thick 16 – 21 mil fiber reinforced vapor barriers to properly seal the crawl space floor and walls from the home above. These vapor barriers are held in place with heavy duty 4 inch nylon tape, glue and nylon fasteners. To properly waterproof a crawl space sometime a drain tile system is buried along the walls of a crawl space and a sump pump and crock is installed. Do you have all these materials to do the job right?

StayDry® Has the Materials and the Expertise to Get the Job Done Right

 Have you ever actually crawled under your home? With only a few feet of room to maneuver, you’re not exactly free to move around as you wish. With so little room to work, crawl space repair proves a difficult and time-consuming task especially when digging and installing a drain tile system. Besides the limited work space, it’s important to properly set up, seal and secure your crawl space vapor barrier so it doesn’t leak. And you certainly don’t want to accidentally tear your new vapor barrier along the way. Do you really want to take a chance on spending days getting a stiff neck under your house only to find out that you didn’t do it correctly and it is still wet?  

StayDry® Offers a Lifetime Transferable Warranty

 Imagine this scenario: 5 or 6 years after you sealed your own crawl space, you notice your living room floor sagging in several spots. The problem continues to grow worse and finally you break down and bring in a contractor. Almost immediately, the contractor diagnoses your problem as rotten support beams caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. Maybe you sealed your crawl space correctly- maybe you didn’t. Maybe you failed to dry it properly before you closed it up, or maybe you failed to replace joists that were already rotting. At any rate, you’re now looking at tearing out all your hard work, and having someone rebuild your support system. Not to mention the interior floor work you’ll need to repair cracked wood or tile. Think this scenario doesn’t occur in real life? Think again. But if you hire a reputable crawl space repair company, you’ll get a warranty, typically for 25 years. Also that warranty is transferable to the new owner if you should ever sell the home. That means once you pay your contractor, you’re secure for the long-term that your crawl space will be moisture free and sealed tight.  

StayDry® Has Financing Options To Help You Cover Your Crawl Space Repair Needs

 Maybe money is holding you back. Don’t let it. The right crawl space waterproofing company will surprise you with how inexpensive the job actually is. Of course you don’t want to hire the cheapest guy on the block because the quality of work will probably drop with the price, but you don’t have to spend your life savings either. And if you find you can’t come up with the money right away, never fear. Reasonable financing options exist that can spread out your payments over 6 – 12 months with no interest.