It’s important to make sure that your crawl space is sealed from the elements. Why?

By protecting your crawl space, you are protecting your whole house. Crawl spaces breed mold and mildew. These spores grow and spread into your house if left unchecked. 

While crawl space waterproofing is not a job you would want to take on yourself, you will find that hiring a qualified professional to hand it can prove fairly reasonable, financially speaking. 

More Reasons Supporting Crawl Space Waterproofing 

Moisture can also damage the walls of your home. Keep in mind, the only way it gets into your house is by coming through unsealed walls or cracks. Where are most of these cracks found? In between the floor of your home and the crawl space. So if your crawl space is wet—well good luck controlling the climate in your home. 

What should you do? Where should you turn? Simply pick up the phone and call Stay Dry Waterproofing right now!

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