In 2012, there are three types of company websites:

  1. The kind that exist just to exist. Business owners think they should have one, so they just throw one up to sit as a static online business card.
  2. The kind that act as infomercials. The minute you enter them, you’re hit over the head from 15 different directions with a sales message so intense that you can barely figure out what they are trying to sell you.
  3. The informational site. This site is designed first to provide you with useful information. It sells to you only after the fact.

Guess which one we offer you? Sure, if you are looking for foundation repair or basement waterproofing, we can help you out. But more than anything, we hope that when you visit our website, you find tons of information you find useful to educate you on basement and foundation-related topics.

And we think we do a pretty good job of it. Click the link above and see for yourself!

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