Every now and then, an age old idea that everyone had always adhered to turns out to completely false. For instance, remember how everyone thought the world was flat until Christopher Columbus made his voyage to discover the Americas? Well, such is the case with the idea of letting your crawlspace breathe. See, if you look around at older homes that have crawlspaces, you will notice that they typically have vents installed on all sides. The idea here was that air needed to blow through them to keep them properly function.

Wow, were we all wrong.

Luckily, now we know better. We know that those crawlspaces need to be sealed up to prevent everything from mold growth to big invasions to rotting of support beams. We also know that failing to seal up your crawlspace will invite all those problems in—and more—thanks to the moist air and never fully-drying soil.

But what about you? Are you still operating on outdated ideas? Are you letting your crawlspace breathe? Then call us now and let us bring you into the 21st century: 800-800-7073!

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