It’s not the best feeling, that’s for sure. In fact, like many homeowners, you may be in denial. You notice the cracks forming in interior walls. One of our doors might not close just right. Or perhaps a window won’t open. Sure one of your floors is bowing a bit, but it can’t be that big of a deal, right?

Maybe not. But more than likely, all of those things are signs of a deeper, more serious problem…foundation damage.

Like many homeowners, you’ve heard the horror stories about how expensive foundation repair can be. So you cross your fingers and ignore the issue, hoping for the best.


The truth of the matter is that not getting your foundation fixed can be:

  • Dangerous—foundation walls can fail. In extreme cases, houses can actually collapse.
  • More costly down the road—Like most problems, the longer you wait, the worse the problem grows. And the worse the problem, the more detailed ($$$) the fix will likely prove.
  • Detrimental to your home value—No one wants a home with a cracked foundation. Get it fixed to protect your investment.

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