A crawl space vapor barrier is a solution to problems that can result from a damp crawl space.  The crawl space is the unfinished basement area underneath your home, which may have HVAC equipment running through it and which makes up a part of the foundation of your home. This area can become moist or suffer from water problems, which can affect the safety and structural integrity of your entire home and which can also create health issues for you and your family.  A crawl space vapor barrier seeks to make your crawl space safer, thus providing protections that you need to make your home as safe as you can.

How Does a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Work?

A crawl space vapor barrier may be recommended by a basement waterproofing expert who comes to your home and determines that this is the right solution for water in your crawl space. There are a lot of different solutions for damp basements ranging from a sump pump to altering the grade of soil around the home to extending downspouts.  A crawl space vapor barrier is one of the solutions that a professional can suggest you consider.

When you have spoken with a basement waterproofing professional about all of the options and you have chosen a crawl space vapor barrier, the professionals should begin the process of installing this vapor barrier. This is not a do-it-yourself process as it is imperative to make sure that the vapor barrier is the right type and installed correctly so you can reap the maximum benefits and avoid health risks associated with a damp basement.

The crawl space vapor barrier should be made of a fiber-reinforced membrane. Ideally, this membrane should be 20 mil fiber to ensure that it is very strong and very solid.  The professionals who are doing the job for you should secure the fiber to the walls of the crawl space, completely encapsulating the wall space Nylon fasteners should be used in order to secure the vapor barrier tightly to the wall.

The seams can be overlapped in order to make absolutely sure that there are no weak areas where water is able to get into the crawl space despite the fact that the vapor barrier is there.  A good crawl space encapsulation will have a minimum of six inches of overlap at the seams. The seamed area should be securely taped to further protect against moisture.

Once installed, this vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation should keep water out for a very long time. In fact, you should look for a basement waterproofing company that offers a lifetime warranty on the crawl space encapsulation so you can be sure that you have a durable and long-lasting solution to crawl space water problems.

The vapor barrier will help to make sure that your crawl space is no longer moist, so you won’t have to worry about mold, mildew or insects that are attracted to cool, damp places.  Your vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation can also make your HVAC system work more efficiently, thus saving you money at the same time as it is protecting your home.

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