If you discover water in your basement, it may be tempting to just ignore the problem and to walk away- especially if you’ve had some bad weather and if you don’t have a finished basement. Unfortunately, ignoring the leak can be a major mistake and can make your home a breeding ground for mold, mildew and insects. Ignoring the leak can also undermine the structural foundation of your home and cause a whole host of other problems.

Because of the potential damage a leaky basement can cause, ignoring the leak is one of the key things NOT to do when you find your basement leaking. Rushing into an expensive solution is another big mistake, as is contacting a general purpose contractor or handyman who might now know how to get to the root of your problems or how to find the most cost-effective solution.

Instead of making these mistakes when you find your basement leaking, here’s what you should do instead: call in the professionals. Stay Dry Waterproofing specializes in basement repair solutions and has a vast array of different options available to deal with any leak and to work within any budget. Contact Stay Dry as soon as you discover a basement leak to get started on resolving your water issues right away.  

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