With so many people planting trees right up against their home, you might be wondering if it is a wise move for you to copy. You want a nice tree, but you have also heard they can cause foundation issues. Here are a few things to consider when dealing with trees and your home…

  • The roots will expand as far as the canopy. You may not realize it, but as far as those branches, so will the roots. So if you have limbs hanging over your roof (which is a bad idea anyway due to potential roof issues), then you can bet those roots are headed under that foundation. Now the question is, are they large enough to cause problems?
  • Roofs breaking the slab is only part of the problem. When you think of tree root foundation problems, you probably think about the roots growing into the slab. However, there’s also the issue of how much water that tree is sucking out of the ground. It can actually significantly dry the soil under one part of your house, causing the foundation to shift and crack.

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