Considering Michigan’s harsh winter weather, including high amounts of precipitation and freezing temperatures, foundation cracks should be quite concerning. Excessive moisture, poor soil preparation, and freezing conditions are all causes of cracked foundations, which can lead to a variety of issues within your home.

As your premier waterproofing providers in Michigan, the experts at StayDry know the issues that can arise when foundations crack. Cracked foundations are a common problem here in Michigan, so take a moment to learn what causes foundation cracks and how you should address them. Taking the proper action will save you from loads of stress, not to mention repair expenses.


As mentioned, cracks in foundation walls are caused by a variety of factors. Often times, the soil below a home’s foundation isn’t properly prepared prior to construction. As parts of the foundation begin to settle, or pull down, the stress will cause cracks to form in the foundation. Freezing temperatures can also cause cracks, as the foundation will expand and contract with climate changes. Finally, moisture is also a main factor in cracked foundations. If the soil surrounding the foundation absorbs water, the weight will put excessive pressure on the walls and lead to cracking. Regardless of the cause, however, foundation cracks present additional problems.

While cracks are always concerning, the damages that often follow are far more important to prevent. With this, catching the early signs of foundation issues is essential to protect your home from structural damage and save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Lansing’s high amount of precipitation and cold temperatures will ultimately cause cracks to grow and, come spring time, your foundation will begin to disintegrate. To pick up on the signs of foundation issues, you should familiarize yourself with the types of cracks listed below:

  • Hairline Cracks in foundation wall
  • Cracks in the corners of your walls
  • Stair-step cracks in brick foundations
  • Horizontal cracks in cement walls (due to frozen soil around the home)


Fortunately, you can prevent cracks from growing and further compromising your foundation walls with StayDry’s crack injection service. As mentioned, tending to cracks at first sight is far less expensive than repairing the damages they often lead to. With our high-pressure crack injection system, you can effectively seal cracks before moisture and temperature worsen the issue.

Our crack injection service sets StayDry apart from the rest. Most companies utilize low-pressure injection systems, which will only solve the problem for a short time. Our high-pressure system, on the other hand, involves a series of steps to ensure an air-tight seal, and we back it with a lifetime warranty. Take a look at our injection process below:

  • We first apply a temporary surface bond to cover the crack, which will keep the polyurethane contained.
  • Next, we drill holes along the crack where our injection machine will be attached.
  • We then begin filling the crack with the polyurethane injection material, ensuring every port is filled until the crack is completely sealed.
  • Finally, the material is left to solidify for 24-48 hours and we remove the bond and ports.


Needless to say, having your newly-discovered foundation cracks sealed promptly could potentially save your thousands of dollars in additional repairs. With StayDry, you can rest assured knowing our crack injection service will completely seal cracks, all while backed by our lifetime warranty. Sealing those cracks won’t only prevent them from growing, but it will also effectively prevent water from entering your basement and wreaking havoc. Finally, keeping your home airtight can even improve the efficacy of your home’s energy profile. Simply put, sealing cracks in foundation walls will save you from damage, expensive repairs, and high energy bills.


At the leading provider of waterproofing services in Michigan, StayDry has the experience, skills, and resources to effectively solve your water-damage and related issues. Take a look below to see what our customers have to say about our quality services:

I had a great experience with StayDry. They were great from start to finish! The salesman was very knowable when he came to my house for the first meeting. I had several companies come out to give me quotes. I had more confidence in StayDry than any of the others. The project started and was completed on time. Mike was great! He kept me in the loop on everything. I would recommend StayDry for any basement waterproofing needs. – Tim O’Rourke

We just had Stay Dry come out, reinstall a basement window well, seal our outer wall, and install a new sump pump system. They were done more quickly than anticipated, and were extremely professional! We have had water coming in the west corner of our basement for over 7 years, and now it is dry. Their estimate team was very helpful, with great tips we could do on our own, and their work crew was timely and efficient. Highly recommend! – Joe Ford

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