Have you ever a noticed a musty odor or damp air in your basement? Don’t be so quick to dismiss it because it could be a sign of mold or mildew growing in the carpet or walls. If you have mold in your basement, your house’s structure and value could suffer greatly. Not to mention, you and your family could suffer from respiratory issues. In addition, bugs thrive in humid atmospheres. So even the slightest sign of mold should be checked out.

One of the best ways to avoid mold in your home is by controlling the humidity level of your basement. Experts say mold and mildew flourish at humidity levels above 80%. It is recommended to stay below 50% but above 30%.

How To Gauge Indoor Humidity Levels

It’s important to know how much humidity is in your home so you can stay within the safe range and avoid problems with your health and home. Here are some telltale signs that your humidity levels are off.

  • Condensation, fogging and moisture on walls and windows
  • Noticeable amounts of static electricity
  • Cracking millwork or paint

How To Maintain A Safe Humidity Level In Your Basement

Here are some precautions you should take to maintain the level of humidity in your basement.

  • Get rid of basement carpet. Carpet captures dust, and it is a breeding ground for mold. Some carpets styles are more prone to mold than others, but if you want to avoid carpet altogether, tile is a great option.
  • Store belongings properly. Letting porous materials such as cardboard boxes sit directly on a concrete floor is a recipe for mold. Instead, use plastic bins or shelving.
  • Proper ventilation. Keep air flowing through your basement by opening windows and doors often.
  • Hire a professional waterproofing team to evaluate your home. At StayDry® we offer free consultations so you can get a better understanding of what waterproofing services your home needs.

Winter in Michigan is humid and wet, making it the perfect time for mold to grow in your basement. Our StayDry® waterproofing team promises to do everything we can to seal out moisture and prevent mold.

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