For some, an unfinished basement is a headache. For others, it is a dream come true for remodeling projects. There are countless possibilities when it comes to basement remodeling. From a family entertainment room to a fully functional laundry room, a remodeling project can transform your basement into one of the most used rooms in your home.

When looking to get started on a basement remodeling project, you should also consider basement waterproofing solutions as this is the perfect time to protect your home from flooding. At StayDry® Waterproofing, we offer a wide range of basement waterproofing solutions to protect your Michigan home from the dangers a flooded basement can present.

Basement Waterproofing Before Remodeling

If you are about to take on a basement remodeling project, you will likely need to strip any existing carpet and wallpaper. Since you are doing this anyway, this is the best time to have a waterproofing solution installed. Here at StayDry®, we offer a range of quality waterproofing solutions to Michigan homeowners.

  • French Drain Systems: With a French drain system, a pipe system is laid along the inside of your foundation. Any water that enters your home will be drained outside the home, preventing water damage.
  • Sump Pump Installation: Sump pumps are installed at the lowest point of your basement. If any water leaks into your home, the sump pump will be activated and will pump the water back outside the home.
  • Wall Rebuilds: In some cases of extreme water damage or foundation settling, a partial or complete wall rebuild is necessary. Here at StayDry®, we can rebuild your walls quickly so your home and family are safe.
  • Crack Injection: Foundation cracks are common, but are also easily repaired. At StayDry®, we use a high-pressure crack injection method to fill the entire crack.
  • Exterior Basement Waterproofing: While exterior basement waterproofing is more pricey, it is the best method in preventing basement flooding and the damages it can cause.

Basement Remodeling Idea

If you are looking to remodel your basement, you have a number of options. While many Michigan residents prefer to remodel their basement to be used as a family entertainment area, others prefer the simplicity of a fully functional laundry room. Regardless of your basement remodeling project, this is the best time to waterproof your Michigan home to prevent the hazards of basement flooding.

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