When it comes to water damage and flooding hazards, crawl spaces are most at risk. Michigan residents are surely familiar with the humidity and moisture that is prevalent year-round, but some have neglected protecting their crawl space from the dangers this can cause. One of the sure-fire ways to protect you home from these issues is to encapsulate your crawl space.

Here at StayDry® Waterproofing, we offer a wide range of waterproofing services, including crawl space encapsulation. With this, we can install a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering your Michigan home. Before you contact us for a free estimate, let us fill you in on the benefits of an encapsulated crawl space and the process we use to install a vapor barrier.

Benefits of an Encapsulated Crawl Space

Seeing as there are a number of dangers that can be caused by a damp or flooded crawl space, it is important to encapsulate your crawl space. Some of the benefits you stand to gain by having a vapor barrier installed are listed below for your convenience.

  • Flooding Prevention: A vapor barrier will help keep moisture from entering your crawl space, and this includes excessive levels of precipitation that could lead to flooding.
  • Mold Prevention: By preventing moisture from entering your crawl space, you can prevent mold from growing. Mold growth can lead to respiratory illnesses, like asthma, and should be prevented at all costs.
  • Increased Home Value: In addition to preventing moisture in your crawl space and mold growth, an encapsulated crawl space can also increase your home’s value. If you are looking to sell your home, installing a waterproofing solution can make all the difference.

Vapor Barrier Crawl Space Encapsulation from StayDry®

Here at StayDry®, we have a unique approach to encapsulating your crawl space. First, we install drainage mats to help water drain away from your home. Next, we install waterproof paneling on the foundation walls. These panels resist mold growth and easy to clean. Finally, we install the vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is then be secured to the walls of your crawl space to ensure it fits perfectly. Better yet, our crawl space encapsulation service is backed by our lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about it malfunctioning.

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