Basement Flooding Hazards Lansing, MI

A flooded basement can lead to a host of structural hazards that can be expensive to repair. Additionally, basement floods can lead to mold or mildew growth that can cause respiratory problems and other adverse health effects. Since it is far easier, and less expensive, to waterproof a basement than it is to repair structural damage, StayDry recommends that you waterproof your home’s basement to prevent flooding.

Structural Hazards

A flooded basement can lead to the decay of building materials in the home. Wood can rot much easier after exposed to moisture and drywall can begin to fall apart. Concrete, which is porous, becomes weakened as it’s exposed to water damage, causing it to crack, fracture, and crumble easily. All of these factors can contribute to your home’s structural integrity becoming compromised which will require expensive repairs.

Another structural hazard to watch out for is damage to the electrical or gas lines in the flooded region. If electrical units have been damaged as a result of a flood, the water could be electrified, which could then lead to electroshock if proper precautions are not taken. If gas lines have become damaged as a result of a basement flood, then your home has become a time bomb just waiting to go off. This could lead to fires or poisonings if left unrepaired.

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Health Hazards

If a basement has flooded, the risk of mold growth is increased. Mold in the home has been linked to respiratory problems, like asthma, which are far more serious in seniors and young children. Fungal infections are also possible to get from mold spore in the air. Sinuses and digestive tract infections are the most common fungal infections associated with mold, however, lung and skin infections are also possible. These infections can be quite serious in persons with compromised immune systems.

When building materials like wood and drywall become wet, they are a breeding ground for mice, rats, and invasive insects like carpenter ants. These pests thrive behind walls where they often go unnoticed by their human hosts. Diseases can be spread easily from these animals and they can also cause even more damage to the structure of the home. If pests like these have made their way into your home, an exterminator may be needed.

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Basement Waterproofing in Michigan

The best way to prevent your basement from flooding is to get your home professionally waterproofed. Here at StayDry, we offer several waterproofing services to protect your home from basement flooding hazards. Sump pumps, French drain systems, or exterior basement waterproofing systems are just some of the services we offer to protect your home from basement flooding hazards.

If your basement has flooded or is in risk of flooding and is need of our basement waterproofing services or any of the other services we offer, you can contact us here or call us at 800.782.9379.