Between freezing temperatures in the winter and high levels of precipitation year-round, your Michigan home can face a variety of concerning factors. While water entry and basement floods are often the main cause for concern among homeowners in the midwest, foundation issues can also be somewhat common. Differing slightly from foundation settling, heaving in your home’s foundation or slab can be quite alarming. When upheaval does occur, your home could be put at risk for extensive damage.

Fortunately, StayDry Waterproofing can be of assistance when things do go wrong within your Michigan home. While we work out of Lansing, we serve cities throughout the state of Michigan with quality waterproofing and foundation repair services. Regardless of the issue, one of our experts can come out, assess the problem, and determine the necessary course of action. Let’s take a closer look at the signs, causes, and problems of heaving slabs and foundations.

Heaving Slabs and Foundations

As mentioned, heaving or upheaval differs from foundation settling in that the slab or foundation your home was built on is actually pushed upward. While upheaval is essentially the opposite of settling, the signs and symptoms of foundation or slab heaving are quite similar to that of foundation settling. In heaving, the slab or foundation your home was built upon begins to be pushed up by the soil beneath, among other factors.

Causes of Upheaval

Though there are a few factors that ultimately cause upheaval in slabs and foundations, it all really comes down to the type of soil beneath your home. Regardless of the cause, however, a heaving basement floor can cause a variety of problems within your home. Take a look below to see the common causes of upheaval:

  • Freezing Temperatures: Because water increases in volume when it freezes, any water retained in the soil beneath the home will cause the soil expand through the winter’s frigid temperatures, which puts excessive force on the foundation or slab.
  • Leaks: If there are any leaks underneath the slab or in foundation walls, the water from these leaks will eventually make its way into the soil and cause it to expand.
  • High Precipitation: Much like that of leaks, the often heavy precipitation in Michigan can cause certain soils to expand and put more force on the home’s foundation.
  • Type of Soil: Soils like silt and clay retain more water than others, which again causes them to expand and apply more force on the home.

As you can see, no matter the source of the water, everything comes down to the type of soil beneath your home’s foundation or slab. No matter the cause, however, any upheaval can cause walls and even the floor to crack, presenting additional problems to your home and risks to your safety.

Heaving Basement Floor: Problems and Solutions

The problem with upheaval, as well as with most home issues in this regard, is the additional issues that arise as a result. Not only is a heaving basement floor a problem within itself, but it will also cause additional problems within your Michigan home. For instance, cracks in your concrete walls or flooring are a common result of upheaval and they can lead to further problems like such as allowing moisture into the home. The cracks themselves can also spread, begin to crumble, and ultimately compromise the structural integrity of the home.

Luckily, there are solutions to upheaval, as well as the similar foundation settling. Depending on the severity of your issue, the repairs could be quite extensive, yet they will surely resolve the problem and prevent further issues from occurring.

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