Many homeowners in Michigan are seeking foundation repair services at an affordable cost. It is crucial to have foundation issues addressed before they become more severe issues that will cost more to repair. If you are looking for foundation repair services at the best price, you can trust that a StayDry® professional will arrive at your door, evaluate the damage and come up with a quote.

StayDry® Waterproofing is a family-owned business based out of Michigan. For over a decade, we’ve been addressing homeowners concerns about their basements and foundations and providing the best services to repair and prevent damage. Learn more about foundation issues and how StayDry® Waterproofing can help you find excellent repair solutions.

Types of Foundation Repair Services

When you are looking for foundation repair, it is important to know that there are many different issues that could need repair. Many range in severity as well. We offer many different services to address all every issue that can occur in a foundation. We can fix anything that is causing a leak in your home. Here is a look at some of the foundation repair services we offer:

Foundation Crack Repair: With this service, we can address any cracks in your foundation walls. These cracks are often a major threat when it rains because it allows water to seep through into your home. The water can also cause walls to crumble and the cracks to grow. If the issue is not resolved, it can worsen and cause your walls to get increasingly damaged.

Bowing or Leaning Wall Repair: One common sign of foundation damage is a bowing or leaning wall. We offer wall straightening solutions to repair this type of damage. Often, walls begin to bow or lean when the soil around the foundation shifts. We can even provide solutions to direct water away from your home.

Complete Wall Rebuilds: If your home’s foundation walls have experienced a lot of damage, there may be a need to replace them. We can rebuild the entire wall and make sure that it is safe into the future. Our solutions are designed to help you avoid any serious concerns for your home.

5-Star Rated Services

Customers have left us rave reviews for our services. When you call StayDry® Waterproofing, you know that you are going to good expert help at a great price. We are always ready to take your calls and respond to any issue. Michigan homeowners trust StayDry® for all of their waterproofing and foundation repair needs. If you want to know the pricing for any of our services, give us a call today!

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If you are looking to get your foundation repaired, StayDry® Waterproofing is the best option for residents in Michigan. We offer our services throughout the state and can provide the best solutions to make sure your foundation is stable and safe from leaks. If you want to get started you can contact us today for a free estimate or give us a call at 800.782.9379!