For most Michigan homeowners, basement flooding is often the main cause for concern, considering the wet climate of the midwest. While basement floods are certainly alarming and can have disastrous effects on the home, that midwest climate isn’t limited to causing basement floods. The humidity here alone is enough to cause some moisture problems within the home, which often presents rotting wood, mold growth, and pests in your crawl space. When issues like these arise, wood damage repair will be necessary to protect you and keep your home intact.

If your crawl space has fallen victim to the effects of moisture and the accompanying issues, StayDry Waterproofing can surely be of aid. While there’s plenty we can do to repair your crawl space and keep your home intact, there’s a few things you can do to both prevent damage and help repair it once it occurs. Let’s take moment to discuss the potential dangers of rotting wood and the necessary wood damage repair.

Causes and Types of Wood Damage

When it comes to damaged wood in the crawl space, a few factors may be the cause. Quite commonly, plumbing issues like leaking pipes are to blame and they’ll present unwanted water and moisture to the crawl space. The grading of the ground around your home may also be a factor, as a grade sloping toward your home will just direct water to it. Clogged gutters can make the grade issue worse as well, since they’ll only send water back to your home with a improperly sloped grade. Finally, pests like termites and carpenter ants can also cause wood rot, so eliminating any pest problem is key.

As far as the types of wood damage go, you’re looking at two main issues: rotting wood and mold growth. Wood rot will ultimately affect the structural integrity of your crawl space, and therefore your home, while mold growth will directly affect the health of those living within the home. When issues such as these arise, you’ll not only need wood damage repair, but you’ll also need to find the source of the issues to prevent the problem from arising again in the future.

Wood Damage: Repair Methods

Of course, if the wood in your crawl space is rotting, it’ll need to be replaced or reinforced to protect the structural integrity of your home. While StayDry can help with structural repair and even encapsulation to prevent issues in the future, we’ll also need to address the source of the problem. Plus, if mold growth has occurred as well, we’ll need to install a dehumidifier and work to remove the mold. The process for wood damage repair may include any of the following:

  • Locating the rotting or moldy wood
  • Determining where wood damage repair is needed
  • Repairing the structure of the crawl space
  • Installing a sump pump to expel water
  • Placing a dehumidifier to reduce moisture
  • Eliminating any pests
  • Removing all materials that have been compromised by pests
  • Sealing the crawlspace to keep out cold air and moisture

Rotting Wood and Mold Growth? Call StayDry!

No matter the cause of your crawl space issues, it’s essential you call StayDry right away so we can come and assess the situation. Depending on what we find, we may need to replace the wood or reinforce the structure, as well as control any mold growth that has begun. Whatever your home may need to stay protected from these damages, we can help.

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