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Your home’s restroom and its accompanying plumbing are some of the hardest working systems within your house. While we may not think past the turn of a faucet, or the flush of a handle, this system allows your home to remain uncontaminated. However, when a plumbing issue does arise time is of the essence. Learn more about toilet plumbing repair today.

When you work with the plumbing experts at StayDry® Waterproofing you are working with a team of professional who knows what it means to be a homeowner in the Lansing, Michigan area. Having a clogged toilet is something most everyone will experience at some point during their time as homeowner; however, it does not have to be a bad experience if you know the basics of toilet repair or know who to call when emergency strikes.

Basics Of Toilet Repair

When a toilet becomes clogged, there are two main reasons why this could be happening. The first is that that drain is blocked, and the water and contents are not able to make it past this initial blockage. The second possibility is that the blockage is deeper within the plumbing, causing the sewer to back up into the home through plumbing fixtures.

The first is a common clog issue homeowners will experience; however, the second is one that you will want a professional plumber to handle. At StayDry® Waterproofing we are dedicated to giving homeowners the tools they need to care for their home, but also provide high-quality service for when the repair is beyond an at-home fix.

Learn how you can troubleshoot and repair some at home plumbing issues. One of the first steps to repair plumbing issues is to remove the lid of the tank. Often, if the flapper valve is stuck then simply moving it to let water flow through should flush the toilet. If no water flows through, you have a clogged toilet.

This clog may be fixable through plunging the toilet, which forces the water and waste down as water cycles through. This is fairly easy and may take a couple hard pushed of the plunger to send waste through the pipes. If waste does get flushed, and water is returned to the toilet then the clog is fixed.

If the issue persists, then you may need to snake the main drain. While there are at home kits for this, we always recommend calling a licensed Michigan plumber at this point, and to let StayDry® demonstrate how to properly maintain your drains so no further damage is sustained.

StayDry® is proud to offer quality home services that empower homeowners to learn the tricks of the trade. It is recommended that all plumbing issues larger than a simple clogged toilet be looked at by a professional due to the potential damage they could post to the home’s plumbing system. Learn more about the benefits of toilet plumbing repair and how you can prevent a emergency from happening.

Benefits of Toilet Repair

One of the primary benefits of hiring a professional plumbing service for toilet plumbing repair is their ability to spot damage before it becomes a problem. Plumbing can be one of those out of sight out of mind issues until there is an emergency that leads to costly replacements.

When one of our plumbing experts makes a home call for a toilet repair, we do much more than that. We ensure that our system is functioning properly, that your piping is not rusting or out of date. Additionally, we put high-quality products in the hand of our customers that they can use to clear out their plumbing system occasionally to ensure no block will happen in the future.

We aim at building trust with our Michigan clients, proving our services is worth their trust, time and money. We offer the best deals in the state and have service hours that meet our client’s needs.

Help When Your Need It

We operate 24/7 emergency services for the Tri-State area. When emergency strikes, this is not always between nine and five, and time is of the essence when it comes to repairing a damaged or blocked toilet plumbing line.

Our emergency hotline has live attendants, even after hours so your questions and calls can be handled the same even in the middle of the night. We keep our fleet of trucks up to date, so we can get to you and your home regardless of bad weather or technical issues that may plague other services.

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