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As a homeowner in Ann Arbor, we can safely assume you’re well aware of the effects the climate can have on your home. Basement floods are not an uncommon occurrence in Michigan, as the midwest climate can take a toll on your home. While flooded basements are a major cause for concern, they are not the only reason for such. Natural settling and environmental factors can both cause cracks within your home’s foundation, and the damage can be just as devastating. With this, crack injection is often crucial.

Here at StayDry, we strive to keep Ann Arbor homeowners, and that of the rest of Michigan, safe from the issues water often presents to Michigan homes. Foundation cracks are a common issue, and they can be treated easily with our crack injection service. Read on to learn more about the dangers of foundation cracks and how StayDry can help when they occur.

Potential Dangers of Foundation Cracks

While foundation cracks are common, and actually inevitable, they’re still enough cause for concern, as they can quickly progress into a more serious matter if they aren’t addressed promptly. Often the result of natural settling of the home and climate changes, foundation cracks allow moisture to enter your home. This moisture can lend itself to numerous issues, namely structural problems and mold growth.

When your Ann Arbor home becomes compromised by cracks and the accompanying moisture, structural issues are soon to follow, which could be anything from bowing walls to an overall weakened structure. Bowing walls and the resulting weakened structure can lead to serious issues, not to mention the danger presented to everyone within the home. Additionally, moisture can make way for mold growth, which affects the health of everyone inside the home, as respiratory illnesses are a common result of such. Furthermore, moisture may also attract termites, which will begin to feed on the wood and further weaken the structure of your Ann Arbor home.

In short, the aforementioned issues, with the exception of the cracks themselves, are all avoidable. Having said that, keeping a close watch on your foundation walls is good practice, as you can only repair foundation cracks once you notice them. So, when you do see concrete cracks have begun to form, don’t hesitate to call StayDry so we can come resolve the problem and prevent others from occurring.

Ann Arbor Crack Injection

As mentioned, foundation cracks are inevitable and, while you can’t necessarily avoid them, you can surely control them. At StayDry, we offer crack injection services to homeowners throughout Michigan, including Ann Arbor. Unlike many of our competitors, we utilize a high-pressure injection system to ensure your foundation cracks are efficiently sealed the first time around. Other companies may use epoxy and a low-pressure system, which is really only a temporary fix. Additionally, we offer a fully-transferrable, lifetime warranty on our crack injection service!

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If you’ve noticed cracks in your Ann Arbor home’s foundation, prevent further damage from occurring and call StayDry today. Preventing damage is always cheaper than repairing it, and it’ll save you loads of time as well.

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