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100+ Years of Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Experience

Don’t let water issues in your basement ruin your day! With over 100 years of experience our dedicated service experts at StayDry in Southgate have seen it all and we can help you. We know the frustration and anxiety that comes from damage to your home and personal property. We can help you repair and rebuild your home and protect it from future water damage.

At StayDry we offer: interior and exterior basement waterproofing, crack injection repair, foundation and crawl space repair, mold control and so many other services. We are so sure you’ll love our work, we offer a 100% fully-transferrable satisfaction guarantee on most of our services. Whether you’re in the midst of a water emergency or just looking ahead, call our Southgate office at 1-800-STAY-DRY for an obligation-free consultation today!

Located in central Wayne County, MI, Southgate is home to over 30,000 people. With the volatility of Eastern Michigan’s climate and the impact of Lake Erie, your home might need basement waterproofing throughout the year. Whether it’s just some quick polyurethane crack injection on your foundation walls or a new French drain complete with sump pump system, StayDry® is available to help you throughout the year.

The Climate in Southgate and Its Impact On Your Home

Compared to the rest of Michigan and the rest of the United States, Southgate has one of the more extreme climates, in terms of seasonal volatility. Typically, there is about 34 inches of rain per year and 43 inches of snow per year. As a comparison, the rest of the US gets about 26 inches of snow per year.

During the winter, the temperature is about 19°F as a low in January, but it can get much colder. In the summer months, the average high is about 83°F in July. Because of its volatile climate, Southgate will be very wet throughout the year. What does this mean for Southgate homeowners?

After the snow melts in the spring, you might tend to see puddles of standing water in your basement. This holds true for after a heavy rain in the summer. You might find that if you go on vacation during the year, you could come home to standing water. To help keep your basement dry as a Southgate homeowner, StayDry® offers the following services:

StayDry® offers top-of-the-line services and equipment to back those services. Our sump pumps come from Richtech industries and we offer two models. Our French drain installation includes the Hydroflo system. Additionally, for mold control jobs, we also exclusively carry Santa Fe Dehumidifiers.

Work Requests from Southgate and Surrounding Areas in Eastern Michigan

The StayDry® team is busy throughout the year. During the summer months, we tend to see basement waterproofing and foundation repair requests. We also do a lot of work throughout the winter. Here are some of the work requests we typically see throughout the year:

  • New cracks in foundation, need a quote from a team right away.
  • Heaving foundation with cracks, need a waterproofing estimate right away.
  • Standing water in basement from recent snow melt…..need a quote.

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Simply put, StayDry® is the best basement waterproofing company in Michigan. We have 100+ years of basement waterproofing experience, crawl space encapsulation, and more. The team at StayDry® also has earned an A+ with the BBB and 5 stars on Google. You can get a free basement waterproofing quote by calling 1-800-StayDry or filling out the form on this page.