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As a Battle Creek homeowner, it’s always a good idea to monitor your basement regularly, as it’s an area of the home often affected by Michigan’s varying climate. While basement floods are usually the main reason for concern, foundation cracks can be just as concerning, and it’s essential you address them as soon as they arise. When you do enter your basement to find foundation cracks, you’ll need to call StayDry Waterproofing for our crack injection service.

Our crack injection service at StayDry is like none other. We do things right the first time around, so we’ll ensure every crack in your foundation is completely sealed, but we can only do so when you call us! So, take a moment to learn more about foundation cracks and the damages they can present to your Battle Creek home.

Foundation Cracks and their Accompanying Damages

Though it may be surprising, cracks in your home’s foundation are actually somewhat common, and they’re even inevitable. Though common, it’s still essential you have them repaired promptly, as they can quickly cause more damage to your home. These cracks can be the result of drying shrinkage or thermal contraction, among other factors.

Regardless of their cause, foundation cracks can easily grow in size, comprising the structural integrity of your home in addition to letting in moisture. When moisture becomes an issue, mold growth may be soon to follow, which can present health effects to everyone within the home. Additionally, moisture will often result in pest infestations like termites. Termites will begin to feed on the wood structure, leaving is susceptible to further damage. On top of this, you also have to consider the likelihood of the cracks flaking and crumbling. This could lead to bowing walls, which directly affect the structural integrity of your home.

In short, foundation cracks present both health and safety hazards to everyone living within your Battle Creek home. In an effort to prevent these issues, you’ll need to seal any cracks in your concrete walls as they arise. With this, it’s good practice to monitor your foundation often. If any cracks have started to form, you’ll want to call StayDry so we can resolve and prevent issues with our crack injection service.

Battle Creek Crack Injection

Like we said, we do things right the first time around at StayDry. While many of our competitors use low-pressure injection systems and epoxy, we utilize a high-pressure injection system and high-grade polyurethane. This ensures your foundation cracks are completely sealed, whereas epoxy will only be a temporary fix. On top of that, we offer a fully-transferrable, lifetime warranty on our crack injection service.

Prevent Damage and Call Us Today

When it comes down to it, preventing damage to your home is always cheaper and easier than having to repair it. If you’ve noticed cracks forming in your foundation walls, be sure to give us a call right away. We offer our quality services to Battle Creek and the rest of Michigan. Don’t hesitate to call!

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