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As a Michigan-based homeowner, you’re likely well-versed in the numerous issues that the climate can pose for your home. Whether it’s lake-effect weather, high humidity, or those roaring summertime storms, your home has to fend off a great deal of moisture. Crawl spaces are particularly susceptible to water damage, and over time they tend to require repair.

Fortunately, the heroes at StayDry are here to help. We understand the dangers of damp crawl spaces, and we have the knowledge and experience to repair your crawl space before the issue worsens and threatens the safety of your home and your family. Take a moment to learn more about our crawl space repair service.

Common Problems with Michigan Crawl Spaces

Water is the most common cause of crawl space damage. Excessive moisture in your crawl space can invite mold growth, which can then put you and your family at risk of breathing in dangerous air. Certain respiratory illness, like asthma, are often linked to in-home mold growth.

Water also promotes wood support structures to rot and decay. Beyond losing significant structural integrity through rotting wood, you also invite pests like carpenter ants and termites, which can further damage your crawl space support and infiltrate your home. Luckily, StayDry has crawl space repair services designed to mitigate these risks.

Between the health risks of mold growth and the dangers of rotting wood and the pests that often follow, the effects of a damp crawl space can be far reaching. With this, it’s essential to find the root of the issue as soon as you realize water has entered your crawl space. Even if you haven’t noticed any problems, it’s always good practice to check your crawl space every so often to ensure it’s free of moisture. If you do notice any moisture, you’ll need to give StayDry a call so we can come assess the problem and find the best solution.

Battle Creek Crawl Space Repair with StayDry

If you suspect that there might be water damage to your crawl space, don’t hesitate to have it repaired with StayDry! Mild crawl space damage can escalate quickly and create risks for you and your family. Here are some of the crawl space repair services that we offer:

Do you Suspect Damage to Your Crawl Space

If you think there’s damage to your crawl space, don’t hesitate, as it’s much easier and safer to have repaired right away. Get in touch with a StayDry hero today! You can call us at 800.782.9379. Or you can contact us for a free estimate here.