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Eastern Michigan can get hammered with snow and rainfall year-round. This is mostly due to the lake effect caused by both Lake Erie and Lake Huron. The abundance of precipitation in the area has caused many Birmingham, Michigan residents to waterproof their homes in case of a flood.

Flooding is not uncommon in Birmingham and can lead to a host of environmental and health issues. Water damage, for example, can lead to both mold growth and foundational cracks. To protect your Birmingham home from water damage, you should consider basement waterproofing services from StayDry.

Birmingham’s Climate

As mentioned before, Birmingham is no stranger to precipitation. In fact, all of eastern Michigan receives more than its fair share of rain and snow.

Winters in Birmingham are characteristically cold and incredibly snowy. Summer months, on the other hand, are warm, humid, and bring a lot of rainfall with them. With the adverse effects associated with water damage, having your Birmingham basement waterproofed is a necessity.

Basement Waterproofing Services in Birmingham

Here at StayDry, we understand how devastating a basement flood can be. Not only can your home’s structural integrity be put at risk, but priceless possessions can be destroyed in the process.

To help prevent damage like this from occurring, we can provide you with some of our best basement services. Some of these basement waterproofing services are:

Additionally, we can provide homes at high-risk for flooding with our exterior basement waterproofing service. This is more invasive and costly than the services listed above, but it is far more effective at preventing water damage.

Basement Waterproofing Work Requests in Birmingham

  • During heavy rains we have been developing a leak in the basement along the floor by the outside wall. We had a similar issue before that was taken care of by Kent Home Services, but they no longer do this. They recommended your company.
  • Some water leaking in when it rains in foundation.
  • Water in basement.
  • “I have several cracks (vertical) in the foundation walls, foundation floor, seepage, and some leaking from around a pipe.
    I realize you do not service Chicago but can you recommend anyone in my area?
    Thank you.”

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Clearly, basement flooding is not a matter to take lightly. Considering the aforementioned climate, your Birmingham home could be at risk for a basement flood. When flooding does occur, the structure of your home may be compromised and your possessions can be destroyed. On top of that, the resulting moisture can easily lead to mold growth, which can affect everyone living within the home. In short, basement floods present numerous dangers, and they are best prevented rather than repaired. Plus, StayDry offers a lifetime warranty on all of our interior waterproofing services, so there’s no reason to hesitate!

If you are in need of StayDry’s Birmingham basement waterproofing services, we are easy to contact. You can reach out to us here or call us at 800-800-7073 for your free basement waterproofing quote and consultation.