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Cadillac, and the rest of Michigan to be specific, often receives immense levels of precipitation throughout the year. This makes basement flooding and water damage a major issue in the area that can result in a number of foundational issues, including foundation cracks. Crack injection repair is a sound waterproofing method that will protect your home from these issues.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we utilize a high-pressure crack injection repair service that is unique to our industry. Before you contact us for our services, let our experts fill you in on the dangers of crack injection repair and how our specialized service can help prevent these issues from occurring.

Dangers of Foundation Cracks

Water damage can easily lead to a number of severe foundation issues including the worsening of foundation cracks. As temperatures in Cadillac fluctuate, these cracks can expand, spread and, in severe cases, the foundation walls can bow and buckle. Not only will these issues require more invasive and extensive repairs to correct, they’ll ultimately compromise the structural integrity of your home unless otherwise repaired.

Additionally, water damage can make your Cadillac basement the perfect environment for mold growth and pest infestations. Mold can lead to a host of health risks including asthma and fungal infections. Pests, like termites and carpenter ants, can eat away at rotting wood, causing additional concern around the structural integrity of your Cadillac home.

Considering the many factors that can both cause and worsen concrete cracks, it’s always recommended you keep a close eye on your home’s foundation. This way, you’ll be well aware of any cracks that begin to form and you can then address them in a timely manner. Otherwise, the concrete cracks will only worsen and present additional damage to the home, as well as danger to everyone inside. The best way to prevent any of these hazards is to have your foundation cracks filled with StayDry’s crack injection repair.

Cadillac Crack Injection

Unlike many of our competitors, our crack injection service is meant to last a lifetime. Using a high-pressure crack injection system, our repairs are permanent, not temporary, allowing your home to stay dry for a lifetime. This is also why we back our interior waterproofing services, including crack injection, with our fully transferable lifetime warranty.

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