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Quite often, homeowners neglect their crawl spaces as they’re typically an area of the home that gets little usage and is seemingly of no concern. While crawl spaces may be rarely entered, that doesn’t mean they’re resistant to Cadillac’s midwest climate. Between the average precipitation and humidity, Cadillac homeowners should beware of the damages a damp crawl space can present. The issues that often result from a damp crawl space can be both damaging and dangerous.

With this, you’ll need a professional service provider on your side and StayDry Waterproofing provides exactly that. With our experience, skills, and resources, our crawl space repair services can’t be beat. Take a moment to learn more about these services and how they can protect you from the dangers of a damp crawl space.

Damp Crawl Spaces: Common Concerns

As mentioned, a damp crawl space can be quite concerning, especially considering the weather conditions your Cadillac home must withstand. No matter the cause, moisture in your crawl space can present numerous problems, yet the most concerning put you and those inside your home in danger. These issues are detailed below:

  • Mold Growth: Damp and dark areas are the perfect place for mold to grow, which presents health concerns to everyone within the home. Mold spores can spread through vents, leading to respiratory issues like fungal infections and asthma.
  • Rotting Wood: The resulting rotting wood from moisture alone is enough to compromise the structural integrity of your home, but the termites and carpenter ants that often follow will only make matters worse. These pests will eat away the rotting wood and drywall, further affecting the structural support of your home. This could even lead to collapse in severe cases.

As you can see by the issues detailed above, water entry in your home’s crawl space can present a variety of issues to the home. Considering both the safety and health hazards of a damp crawl space, addressing any problems as they arise is key. With this, it’s recommended you take a look at your crawl space regularly to ensure moisture hasn’t made its way inside. In short, preventing any issue from progressing is always easier and cheaper than repairing the damages later. If you’ve noticed moisture problems within your Cadillac home’s crawl space, be sure to call StayDry.

Cadillac Crawl Space Repair

In an effort to keep residents of Cadillac safe and their homes intact, StayDry offers a number of quality and effective services. Whether you need repairs or would like to prevent these problems from arising, we have options. View some of our crawl space repair services below:

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