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As a Cadillac homeowner, knowing when your home needs repair is absolutely essential, especially when it comes to structural problems within your home’s foundation. Given the midwest’s climate, the freezing temperatures and high precipitation can present plenty of damage to your home if not protected. Yet, these aren’t the only factors that come into play. Often a cause of settling foundations, soil expansion is often a cause for concern among Cadillac residents.

Fortunately, the heroes at StayDry® Waterproofing can be of aid when issues like these arise. It’s essential you have these issues addressed immediately, too, as they can quickly escalate and cause more severe damage. Let’s take a look at just what can happen in regards to your home’s foundation.

Foundation Issues: Cadillac, MI

As mentioned, settling foundations can be quite concerning. While some settling is expected for most homes, it can easily progress and result in severe damage. In combination with Michigan’s climate, the type of soil beneath your home could pose problems. Certain types of soil, like silt and clay, retain more water, causing them to expand and contract with temperature changes. This expansion puts excessive force on your home’s foundation, which can lead to major cracks and bowing walls. Even trees planted too close to your home can put unnecessary force on your walls!

Clearly, this warrants the need for immediate attention, as bowling walls and foundation cracks can compromise the structural integrity of your home. To avoid additional damages, and even collapsing, you’ll need StayDry®’s foundation repair services.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

Each home can be affected by foundation damage in different ways. While some may be more prone to shifting soils, others can experience more severe weather. Many of these factors are completely out of our control. Here are some of the common factors that contribute to foundational damage:

  • Foundation below water table
  • Foundation shifting
  • Severe weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak foundation

While we can’t control the weather, we can control how prepared your home is to deal with the harsh conditions. The information we provide to our clients is crucial so they can take proper care of their home. We aim to empower homeowners in Michigan so they can keep their homes safe from foundation damage.

Michigan’s Finest Foundation Repair Service

StayDry® Waterproofing has been providing foundation repair and waterproofing services since 2006. In that time, we have been able to increase our service area to the whole of Michigan and even offer 24/7 services. We always have somebody available to handle your concerns. If there is an emergency, you can trust that our professionals will be there when you call.

We understand the concerns of homeowners in Michigan and aim to provide them with the services and knowledge that allows them to take proper care of their home. With the services we provide, you can rest assured that your home is going to be strong enough to withstand the year of extreme weather. With our years of experience, we are well acquainted with the Michigan climate and what homeowners need to maintain a healthy home.

Foundation Repair at StayDry®

At StayDry®, we provide a broad range of Michigan cities with our expert services, including foundation repair. To get a better idea of how we can help address your Cadillac home’s foundation issues, take a look at some of our services below:

Each of these services can give your home a huge increase in stability and even prevent many of the issues that can occur from damaged foundations. For some homes, crack injections are the perfect solution. If there are a few cracks in your foundation, we will fill them and ensure that water doesn’t begin to leak in your home. In some cases, homes are in need of bigger solutions.

For bigger issues such as bowing or bulging walls, Fortress Stabilization can be the service you are looking for. Whether the damage is mild, moderate, or severe, we can provide the right solution to make sure that your walls remain intact. Our StayWall method is also an excellent way to keep your walls safe when soil shifts. This will keep your home’s foundation from leaning or bowing. Finally, if the damage is irreversible, we can perform entire wall rebuilds to repair your home so it is good as new.

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