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Michigan residents are no strangers to the harsh climate in the midwest. Cement City homeowners need to be wary of the dangers their homes face through foundation damage. The wet climate throughout the year leads to foundation settling that can cause serious damage to your home. Unfortunately, Cement City homes could be more at risk depending on the type of soil their home is built on. It is important to attend to these issues to avoid foundation cracks or bowing walls.

Luckily, StayDry® Waterproofing provides plenty of foundation repair services that can address these issues in your home. If the soil beneath your home is prone to collecting water, it needs to be fixed. We have been servicing areas all around Michigan for years and know the ins and outs of issues in the area. Our experience sets us apart and we are able to handle all the repair work your home may need. Our StayDry® heroes are here to fill you in on the risks of setting foundations.

The Types of Soil That Cause Foundation Damage

Unfortunately, there isn’t much control homeowners have over where their home is built. The soil underneath your home could be more prone to water damage. Settling foundations are incredibly common to the point that they are unavoidable. With that said, soils such as peat, clay, and silt, hold more water than many other types of soil so they are prone to expanding and contracting. The force of these movements causes your home’s foundation to bow or crack.

If these issues are becoming more prevalent in your home, they could quickly become a cause for serious concern. Too much expanding and contracting will cause your walls to shift or crack. Eventually, the damage to your home will be extremely hazardous to your safety. StayDry® is well equipped to repair the damage and give your home more support to stay safe from foundation damage.

Foundation Repair Solutions in Cement City

Cement City homeowners don’t need to go far to get their foundation repaired. StayDry® offers plenty of high-quality services in the area to resolve any issues with foundation damage. Our solutions can repair any existing damage and keep your home a safe place to live. Here is a look at some of the repair services available to Cement City residents:

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Foundation setting can be a great cause for concern in Cement City, but with StayDry®, it doesn’t have to be. Any homeowner in Cement City that has noticed cracks in their foundation or bowing walls could contact StayDry® Waterproofing for excellent repair services. We will give your home and audit and take the necessary action to keep your home protected. For a free estimate, click here or give us a call at 800.782.9379!