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Considering the typical climate here in Michigan, as well as the above-average humidity throughout the year, our homes become quite prone to excessive moisture. Whether it be abundant snow in the winter or a warm, summer rain, any moisture that makes its way into your home’s crawl space can become a serious issue. Though it may seem negligible, your home’s crawl space can actually be fairly troublesome without proper insulation and repairs. With potential effects for your home, health, and safety, preventing the dangers of an uninsulated crawl space is crucial—and StayDry® Waterproofing can help.

Not only does StayDry® offer the professional services necessary to protect your Livonia home, we also provide helpful information to our fellow homeowners to help ensure they’re aware of any potential dangers. Seeing as how a damp or poorly-insulated crawl space can pose a threat to you and your home, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these dangers and how we can help you prevent them.

Crawl Spaces and Their Potential Dangers

As mentioned, a damp and/or uninsulated crawl space can present a range of safety and health concerns to those within the home, not to mention costly damages. Since most crawl spaces have exposed ground, moisture can enter the area and remain until mold starts to grow, which can present health risks to anyone in the home. Similarly, any condensation from exposed ductwork or plumbing pipes in the area will also become a problem. In these cases, the exposed ground should be covered in a vapor barrier, while pipes and ductwork should be insulated. These aren’t the only potential problems, however. The main issue with excessive moisture is the toll it takes on the home itself. Cracked walls and beams are a common result of moisture. In severe cases, this could weaken the structure of your home and become a major safety risk.

Just as with moisture, outside air can also enter your Livonia home through the crawl space. Ultimately, this air will make its way throughout your home and affect the temperature within. As a result, you’ll run your AC and furnace more often. This will not only increase energy costs, but it will also add to the natural wear and tear of your home’s appliances. As you can see, crawl space repair and encapsulation is often necessary to avoid these issues.

Crawl Space Repair for Livonia Homeowners

Here at StayDry®, we offer a number of services to protect Livonia homeowners from the potential damages from a damp crawl space. Whether you need a simple solution or require complete encapsulation, we can handle the issue. To find more information on our services and how you can control moisture, take a look at the pages we’ve provided below:

Protect Your Livonia Home with StayDry®

If you’d like to protect your Livonia home from the potential dangers of a damp crawl space, or keep energy bills low, consider crawl space encapsulation from StayDry® Waterproofing. Of course, we have other options for each type of issue. For a free crawl space repair estimate, give us a call at 800.782.9379 today!