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As with most regions of Michigan, Novi gets a large amount of precipitation throughout the year, whether it be the abundant snowfall in the winter or the warm and humid summers. Regardless of the time of year, this and other factors can lead to moisture issues within your home’s crawl space, presenting risks to your home, health, and safety. Ranging from foundation cracks to mold growth, the effects of a poorly insulated crawl space can be quite concerning. However, with proper crawl space repair and encapsulation from StayDry®, you and your home can stay protected.

Like we said, the effects of moisture in your Michigan home’s crawl space is plenty cause for concern. So whether you need to repair the results of such or want to prevent it, encapsulating your crawl space is always good practice. Take a moment to learn more about the dangers it can present and how StayDry® can help prevent and/or repair the damages.

Damp Crawl Spaces: Potential Dangers

Since most crawl spaces tend to be unfinished with exposed dirt throughout, a vapor barrier along the floor of your crawl space is often necessary. Without it, moisture from the ground can surface and make its way into your home. Similarly, any pipes and ductwork running through the space (and they typically do) can also present condensation to the area. Regardless of how it enters, that moisture will ultimately lead to mold growth and spread throughout the home. Mold is not only difficult to get rid of, but it also presents health risks to anyone living inside the home. To prevent this and other moisture-related issues, homeowners should have a vapor barrier installed to keep ground moisture from entering and insulate pipes to prevent condensation.

Unfortunately, moisture isn’t the only issue a poorly insulated crawl space can present. Without proper insulation, outside air will make its way into your home and cause problems no matter the time of year. Winter will call for running the furnace more frequently, while summer will require more AC. Either way you look at it, energy costs will rise. Then you’ve got to consider the wear and tear on your appliances. Clearly, it’s best to avoid these issues and have StayDry® encapsulate your crawl space—but we have other options, too.

Crawl Space Repair for Novi, MI

Whether you’re already dealing with the effects of a damp crawl space or would simply like to prevent any issues from occurring, StayDry® can help. We offer a few services geared toward crawl space repair and encapsulation to keep moisture and outside air where it belongs: outside! For more information on our services, take a look at the articles provided below:

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As you can see, your Novi home’s crawl space can present a range of damages and dangers to your home, all of which can be prevented with the right services from StayDry®. If you’d like to prevent the issues detailed above and protect your home, give us a call today at 800.782.9379 for a free crawl space estimate.