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As a Michigan homeowner, basement floods are a common cause for concern. However, basement floods aren’t the only potential danger that can result from the midwest climate. With humidity throughout the year, on top of average rain and snowfall, our crawl spaces can become prone to excessive moisture—which can ultimately affect your home and health. With this, crawl space repair and encapsulation is often necessary to prevent costly damages and safety risks.

In an effort to help Saginaw homeowners avoid the aforementioned issues from a damp crawl space StayDry® offers a number of quality services. Whatever solution your home requires, our experts can handle it. Now, take a moment to learn more about the effects of a damp crawl space and how you can prevent them.

Effects of a Damp Crawl Spaces

Often due to a lack of insulation, accumulating moisture in a crawl space is fairly common for homes in Saginaw. Typically, crawl spaces are unfinished, which allows moisture from the ground to enter the area where it will remain unless noticed. In the meantime, the moisture will lead to mold growth and present health risks to anyone inside the home as the mold spores spread throughout. On top of that, this excess moisture can take a toll on the foundation, cracking beams and concrete walls. If there are any plumbing pipes or ductwork running through the crawl space, the condensation from such can also lead to moisture problems and the aforementioned health and safety risks.

It’s also worth noting that a damp crawl space shouldn’t be your only concern. Without insulation, outside air can also enter the crawl space and enter your home. When it does, you’ll be turning up the AC in the summer and furnace in the winter to compensate. As a result, energy bills will spike and your appliances will take on more wear and tear. In any case, your best option is to seek crawl space repair and encapsulation.

Crawl Space Repair for Saginaw Homeowners

Fortunately, the damages and dangers detailed above can be repaired and/or prevented with the right services. StayDry® offers a few key services to keep you and your home protected, yet our crawl space encapsulation is often the best option. Seeing as how each case is different, take a look at the pages below for more information on our services to see which is right for you:

Prevent Moisture with StayDry®

The effects of a damp crawl space can be both dangerous and costly, making crawl space repair essential for midwest homeowners. If you live in Saginaw and would like to protect your home from excessive moisture, give us a call at 800.782.9379 today.