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When it comes to living in the midwest, homeowners need to be well aware of the damages excessive moisture can present to their homes. With Southgate, MI being no exception to this, it’s important to combat moisture as soon as you notice it. Southgate receives quite a few more days of precipitation days throughout the year compared to the US average, which makes basement floods and damp crawl spaces a fairly common issue. Though basement flooding is a main cause for concern in Michigan, damp crawl spaces can also present their fair share of damage.

Fortunately, StayDry® offers a variety of solutions to keep Southgate homes protected. If you live in Southgate and have noticed moisture in your crawl space, be sure to read below for more information as to how damaging moisture can be, as well as how you can avoid it.

Damp Crawl Spaces: Potential Dangers and Damages

As mentioned, many issues can arise from a damp crawl space, many of which will directly affect your Southgate home. One issue in particular, however, isn’t specific to moisture. That is, pest infestations. Termites, carpenter ants, and even rodents are a common issue within crawl spaces, especially since it’s an often-neglected area of the home. These little pests can be quite troublesome, as they can even cause structural damage. In terms of moisture, though, the following issues can arise in a damp crawl space:

  • Standing Water: Seeing as many homeowners don’t enter the crawl space often, any seepage can lead to standing water in the area. This can present poor air quality, damage to possessions, and much more.
  • Mold Growth: Similar to that of standing water, excess moisture in the crawl space provides the perfect conditions for mold to grow. Mold spores can then spread throughout your Southgate home and present health risks to everyone inside.
  • High Energy Bills: Aside from moisture, any uninsulated areas of your crawl space can let in outside air, which will ultimately make its way into your home. When it does, you’ll be cranking the thermostat to stay comfortable throughout the year, which will result in higher energy bills.
  • Weakened Structure: Whether the result of pests or moisture, both can affect the structural integrity of your home. This could be the concrete foundation in the crawl space, or the wood beams. Regardless, damage to either can leave the area at risk for collapse, and will require costly repairs.

Southgate Crawl Space Repair

Clearly, avoiding the above issues is essential. Not only will these damages affect your entire home, but they’ll also require costly repairs. If you haven’t already, it’s best to encapsulate your crawl space to prevent the aforementioned damages. However, if you’re already experiencing moisture problems, addressing them immediately is crucial. Either way, the services from StayDry® below can help. Take a look:

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