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As a Michigan homeowner, you’re familiar with the unpredictable weather the Midwest presents: hot summers, frigid winters, and plenty of moisture throughout the year. All of these factors can affect the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. But what you might not have known is that the type of soil beneath your home can also add risk to your foundation.

If you suspect that the soil beneath your foundation has caused damage, the heroes at StayDry® are just a phone call away. Regardless of the damage to your home’s foundation, we can help! If you’re a Dearborn homeowner, keep reading to learn more about how the soil beneath your home’s foundation can create risk for damage.

Common Causes for Foundation Damage

With fairly extreme seasons and ample lake-effect moisture, your foundation faces many environmental challenges. Expanding soils can compound these challenges and cause damage to your foundation. Clay, silt and peat all retain moisture, which can expand and retract beneath your foundation, leading to potential complications like foundational cracks and bowed walls.

It’s important to take action at the first sign of foundational damage and call StayDry®. Damaged foundations can be dangerous, and can bring down the equity of your home. And if you don’t take care of foundational damage early on, it can intensify into more serious and complicated damage. So make sure that you understand the risks associated with your home’s foundation, and call StayDry® at the first signs of damage!

The Common Causes of Foundation Damage

Every Michigan home is different and there are many factors that can contribute to shifting soils or foundation damage. It is important to understand the common causes of damage so you can prepare your home for these situations. Always take into account where your home is located and the types of issues that are most likely to occur. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Foundation below water table
  • Foundation shifting
  • Severe weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak foundation

Being aware of these issues in your home allows you to find solutions that will reduce the risk of damage. You can take advantage of StayDry® professional services to provide your home with extra support. Our professionals will be able to identify any potential issues and make sure your home is protected.

Dearborn Foundation Repair

With so many factors that contribute toward foundation damage, we understand how dangerous foundation damage can be. For this reason, we offer a wide array of services to address any issues and provide effective foundation repair services. Here are some of the repair services in order to prevent dangerous situations:

Homeowners in Dearborn know that the climate can be harsh. It is important to keep your home protected from the elements. Hot humid summers and frigid snowy winters introduce a lot of threats to our foundations throughout the year. While foundation repair isn’t always at the top of your mind or to-do list, it is crucial to consider the value of maintaining a strong foundation.

A growing number of homeowners are looking toward StayDry® to keep their homes protected. When you work with us, our professionals provide you with solutions and high quality work. When we visit, we will inspect your home and find any issues that need to be addressed. Foundation damage can become increasingly severe when the weather changes, so be sure to act fast and have any issues addressed.

Top Foundation Repair Services

StayDry® Waterproofing has been in business since 2006. In that time, our business has grown to offer services throughout the entire state of Michigan. We have even grown enough to start our own 24 hour services. Being from Michigan, we understand that emergencies can occur. That’s why we have staff at the ready to respond at any time.

Foundation damage can be incredibly dangerous and is a serious issue for your home. Our services aim to provide you with peace of mind. If you have noticed any type of foundation damage, it is key to have a professional check it out immediately. Whether it’s cracks in your foundation, bowing walls, or water leaking into your home, we have services to address the issue.

StayDry® Foundation Repair

Regardless of the type of foundation damage you’re experiencing, we can help. For years, StayDry® heroes have been helping Michigan homeowners with foundation repair and basement waterproofing services. Here are some of the specific repairs that we offer:

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