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As one of the largest cities in the midwest, the greater Detroit region is home to nearly half of Michigan’s population. Additionally, the immense levels of precipitation cause water damage to a number of these homes. Water damage can increase the risk for a number of hazards to your home, including foundation cracks.

Luckily, StayDry Waterproofing offers crack injection repair for residents and homeowners in Detroit. Our high-quality crack injection service can protect your foundation from many of the dangers associated with water damage. Before you contact us, let our experts fill you in on these dangers and how our crack injection service can protect your home for years to come.

Hazards of Foundation Cracks

As mentioned before, water damage can cause foundation cracks to form, however, it can also cause them to grow in size. The larger the crack, the more moisture and water will be able to enter your Detroit home. If water does seep into your home or basement, it can become a perfect breeding ground for mold and pests like termites and carpenter ants. Both of these issues are concerning for both your home and yourself, too. Mold spores can spread throughout the home and cause respiratory illnesses and fungal infections. On top of that, the likely termites will feed on the rotting wood within the home’s structure, ultimately weakening it and increasing the chance of additional problems arising.

Additionally, water damage can cause cracks to expand when temperatures in Detroit fluctuate. This can also cause cracks to flake, spread, and, in some cases, cause the foundation walls to bow inward. This will compromise the structural integrity of your Detroit home and will be more expensive to repair, as prevention is always cheaper.

Considering the structural effects as well as those to your health, repairing foundation cracks when they begin to form is essential. With this, Detroit homeowners are encouraged to monitor their home’s foundation often to ensure no cracks have begun to form. If you do notice concrete cracks, you’ll need to contact StayDry for our quality crack injection service.

Detroit Crack Injection

The best way to prevent water damage and the hazards associated with such is to have your foundation cracks sealed with StayDry’s high-pressure crack injection repair. Unlike many of our competitors, our crack injection service is meant to last a lifetime and is even backed by our fully transferable lifetime warranty.

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