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Michigan is well-known for the harsh winters and humid summers, which can cause a host of structural issues to your home. Detroit is no stranger to this and the soil in the area can have a great impact on the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. Luckily, if any issues do arise, StayDry Waterproofing offers foundation repair to alleviate any of these problems.

Before you give a StayDry hero a call, let our experts explain how soil and other environmental effects can affect your Detroit home and the foundation repair services we offer to solve these problems.

Causes of Foundation Cracks and Bowing Walls

Once a home has been built, the soil beneath the foundation settles. Settling can be expected with every home, however, extensive settling can lead to a host of structural issues.

For example, foundation cracks can form as a result of a settling foundation and in extreme cases, the walls can begin to bow inwards. The type of soil your home was built on has a great impact on these issues. Clay soil has the ability to retain a lot of excess moisture, causing it to expand and contract. This is one of the main causes of bowing walls.

Sandy soils, on the other hand, allow water to flow freely through it. This causes less settling to occur. Luckily, StayDry is able to repair a number of foundation issues with our foundation repair services.

Detroit Foundation Repair

We understand how dangerous it can be to have a damaged foundation, especially in Detroit. This is why we offer a number of effective foundation repair services to Detroit residents, to prevent dangerous situations. Some of the foundation repair services we offer are:

If you are a homeowner in the Detroit area than you are aware of how often the elements come up against your home. From hot, wet summers to cold, icy winters your home goes through a lot over the course of the year. While foundation repair may not be at the forefront of your mind or on the top of your to-do list you may want to reconsider the importance of having a strong foundation. Join the growing number of homeowners in the Detriot service area that are putting safety first.

When you work with StayDry® Waterproofing you are getting the combined results of quality contracting and peace of mind. Our professionals make free home visits to help you better understand what ways you can protect your home against foundational damage, and the solutions that keep your family safe and take the pressure off your pocketbook.

Michigan’s Trusted Foundation Repair Contractor

StayDry® has been partnering with homeowners in the Detroit area since 2006 and continues to expand its service location areas as well as gain dedicated clientele. We set ourselves apart from the pack with our high-quality, 24-hour services. We understand that when disaster strikes, it often doesn’t happen between normal business hours, and with that, we offer our services around the clock.

We are a locally owned business that is dedicated to working with Michigan homeowners. We aim to empower our clients by giving them a tool belt of knowledge on how to best care for their home, and who to call when something goes wrong.

Common Michigan Foundation Problems

While each home is different and can experience different problems, here are some of the main reasons we see foundational damage:

  • Foundation below water table
  • Foundation shifting
  • Severe weather
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Weak foundation

These factors can all contribute issue in your foundation. The most common misconception is that it takes a lot of time for issues to appear, therefore it would take a while before the foundation posses a threat to your household. This is a myth, as cracks always grow, foundation shifts and weather is unpredictable so is a faulty foundation. Repairing any issues right away is key in safety.

Foundation Repair Issues Fixed: Wall Cracks

One of the most common issues that Michigan homes face is wall cracks. These can happen for a variety of reasons, but often it is due to shifting foundation or structural damage. Wall cracks can be hard to spot at first, but once you have identified them it is important you get them repaired right away.

When you rely on StayDry® for your wall crack repair you are placing your home in good hands. We go above and beyond for each wall or crack injection to ensure that the job is done right, as well as locate and fix the root of the problem which often has to do with the foundation of your home.

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Considering the typical climate in Detroit and the type of soil your home rests upon, we recommend you keep a close eye on the condition of your home’s foundation. Though they’re quite common, foundation cracks are plenty cause for concern, as they can progress into more serious problems. Of course, bowing walls are usually even more alarming since they can compromise the structural integrity of your home and put those inside at risk for danger. Regardless of the cause, you should address any foundational issues as soon as you notice, and the professionals at StayDry can take care of the rest.

If you are a Detroit resident in need of foundation repair, the StayDry heroes are happy to help correct any issue. You can get a free estimate here or give us a call at 800.782.9379 today!