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DeWitt homeowners are no strangers to the harsh midwestern weather. The excessive moisture throughout the year has been known to cause basement issues. Without the proper waterproofing services, these issues can accumulate and cause serious damage to your home. Tie rod hole leaks are a common culprit that need to be addressed in order to stop their unsightly leaks.

StayDry® Waterproofing offers a wide range of waterproofing services to DeWitt residents to address leaks in their basement. Our polyurethane injection method is able to stop tie rod hole leaks and keep your home safe and dry. Allow our experts to explain why tie rod hole leaks are so common and how our services help address these problems.

Tie Rod Holes In DeWitt Basements

Unfortunately, tie rod holes are incredibly common in older cement structures. In the past, steel rods and wood were used to hold cement together as it dried. The steel rods were placed in uniform rows and when removed, they left small holes that are prone to collecting water. These holes are located one foot and five feet above the ground.

Tie rod holes cause unsightly water stains along your wall, but they are really easy to recognize. The stains emerge from a quarter sized mark on the wall and the streaks fall straight down to the floor. Though clearly unappealing, these leaks are troublesome for basement finishing and the stability of your walls.

The Dangers of Basement Leaks

If you are finishing a basement, it is important to address any leaks that are occurring in your basement. If they are ignored, they can damage all the work you put into your finished basement. The water can also damage any of the items you have stored in your basement. Eventually, the tie rod holes will begin to crack and cause more serious issues.

Cracks can form around the tie rod holes and as the water continues to pour in, the cracks can grow. If this happens, the structural integrity of your home could eventually be compromised. Water works quickly so it is important to make sure the damage is addressed before it becomes a serious issue for your home.

Repair Tie Rod Hole Leaks

We offer a number of services that can address tie rod hole leaks. One of the best methods we offer are polyurethane injections. These injections are designed to address both the tie rod hole and the cracks that have formed around the hole. The polyurethane material reacts to water and creates a lot of sealing pressure to keep water from entering your basement or the cracks.

StayDry® Waterproofing Provides Holistic Audits

If you are a DeWitt homeowner and have noticed tie rod hole leaks in your basement, it’s time to contact StayDry® Waterproofing. We can give your basement a holistic audit and determine the services your basement needs. If you’d like a free estimate, you can contact us here or give us a call at 1.800.800.7073!