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Considering the typical climate for most Michigan cities, ensuring your home is protected from the abundant water here is essential. While basement floods are often among the main causes for concern here in the Midwest, homeowners must also be well aware of the dangers a damp crawl space can present to the home—and that goes for residents of Eastpointe as well. In fact, Eastpointe receives above average precipitation each year, making crawl space repair and/or encapsulation all the more necessary.

To help our fellow Eastpointe homeowners combat the wet conditions and the issues they can present, StayDry® Waterproofing offers a range of services within crawl space repair. As you consider services, read below to learn more about the potential damages from a damp crawl space and how you can prevent them.

Damp Crawl Spaces: Common Issues

Not only can a damp crawl space affect your home, but it can also present health risks to you and anyone else in your Eastpointe home. From mold growth to structural damage, excess moisture leads to a variety of problems—all of which can be avoided with the proper services. Regardless, the common damages and dangers of damp crawl spaces are provided below:


As mentioned, mold is a common result of damp crawl spaces. Because these are often areas most homeowners neglect, moisture can remain in your crawl space for extended periods of time, giving way to mold growth. Mold spores can spread throughout the home and affect your health, affecting the respiratory system and even leading to illnesses. Quite often, a simple dehumidifier placed in the crawl space can prevent such issues.

Increased Energy Costs

Though it’s not specific to a damp crawl space, crawl spaces in general can still present issues. Regardless, a poorly insulated crawl space allows the outside air enter and ultimately make its way into your home. Whether it’s the summer or winter, you’ll be cranking either your heater or air conditioning unit compensate, only increasing your energy bills.

Structural Damage

As you might imagine, the structure of your home’s foundation can also be heavily affected by moisture. In some cases, some issues can even make their way beneath your Eastpointe home’s floor. Severe cases aside, excessive moisture can also weaken both the wood and concrete within the crawl space, which can be quite dangerous.

Crawl Space Repair for Eastpointe Homeowners

Quite clearly, it’s best to take the necessary measures in avoiding damp crawl space problems, and StayDry® can help. Whether you’d like a complete encapsulation or more simple repair, any of our services can help prevent the above issues from occurring. To learn more about each of our services and products, you can view the pages provided below:

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