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It’s no question that Eastpointe experiences a lot of rain and snow throughout the year. The Michigan climate is home to some humid and wet weather and it doesn’t cease at any point. The excess moisture can cause a lot of issues to your home’s foundation. Foundation settling is a common issue in Michigan, so it is important to prepare your home for the adverse weather. Neglecting foundation repair can lead to more serious dangers to your home.

StayDry® Waterproofing understands the importance of high-quality foundation repair services. We have been giving homes all over Michigan peace of mind through our services and have accumulated years of experience with foundations all over the state. Eastpointe has access to our services and can easily keep their home safe from foundation settling. With that said, allow our StayDry® heroes to inform you on the hazards of foundation settling.

The Role Soil Plays In Foundation Settling

All types of soil experience some amount of foundation settling in the Michigan climate. Unfortunately, if your home was built on soil that contains a lot of clay, silt, or peat, your home is more at risk. These types of soil retain more water than other soils and in turn experience more foundation settling. If your home is located on top of these soils, it is important to know how that affects your safety.

The water in your soil freezes, melts, and runs through the soil. These motions cause the soil to expand and contract. The forces of the expansion and contraction cause foundation cracks and bowed walls. If these issues get serious enough, they can compromise the structural integrity of your home. The damage caused by foundation settling need to be repaired and StayDry® offers the perfect services to address any of these issues.

StayDry® Repairs For Eastpointe, Michigan

If you are in Eastpointe, Michigan, you can rest assured that StayDry® services are available in your area. We will be able to provide your home with repairs for foundation cracks and bowed walls. Our services will provide your home with stability and protection from the adverse weather conditions. Here are some of the foundation repair services you can utilize today:

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