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Due to the typical climate of the midwest, Farmington Hills and most of Michigan receive a great deal of precipitation each year. While this is great for the environment, it’s not always ideal for our homes. Excessive moisture can present a variety of issues to a poorly-insulated crawl space, each of which post threats to either your home, health, or safety. In order to prevent such issues, which we’ll cover below, quality crawl space repair and encapsulation is often necessary—and StayDry® provides just that.

No matter the issue, if your home has been experiencing moisture problems, the experts at StayDry® waterproofing can help. Whether you seek repairs or would like to prevent issues from occurring with crawl space encapsulation, we’ll do the job right. Now, read on to learn more about the potential dangers a crawl space can present and how you can prevent them.

How a Crawl Space Affects Your Home

Though it may seem negligible, homeowners are often surprised when they hear (or see) the damages that can result from a damp crawl space. The most common issue with uninsulated crawl spaces is moisture. Whether it enters the home through the exposed ground typical of crawl spaces, or is the result of pipes and ductwork running through the area, it can pose a threat to both the home and your health. Mold is often a result of moisture, which obviously presents health risks, while that excess moisture can cause cracks in concrete walls and wood beams, compromising the structural integrity of the home.

Additionally, outside air can make its way into your Farmington Hills home just like the moisture. This will ultimately affect the temperature of your home and result in cranking the AC in the summer and furnace in the winter. Either way, you’ll see energy bills increase while struggling to keep inside temps comfortable. Clearly, your best option is to avoid these issues altogether and encapsulate the crawl space.

Farmington Hills Crawl Space Encapsulation

While our crawl space encapsulation services at StayDry® can help prevent future issues from occurring, we also need to consider our fellow residents whose homes have already succumb to the damages mentioned above. Of course, we offer a few services to eliminate moisture and remove mold. You can find more information on our services below:

Prevent Crawl Space Issues with StayDry®

If you’ve been experience issues with your Farmington Hills home’s crawl space or would like to prevent damages from occurring, be sure to contact the experts at StayDry® today. You can give us a call at 800.782.9379 today for a crawl space repair estimate.