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It’s no secret that Michigan is home to some of the harshest weather conditions. With rainstorms in the summer and heavy snowfall in the winter, the moist conditions can put homes at risk of crawl space hazards, basement flooding, and foundation issues. Unfortunately, when homeowners neglect their crawl space, water damage can become very serious and require repair to correct the issues.

Fortunately, Ferndale residents can take advantage of StayDry Waterproofing crawl space repair services. We know the importance of maintaining a dry and safe crawl space. We provide high-quality services that can prevent or repair crawl space damage. Before you contact us about crawl space repair, let our knowledgeable staff fill you in on the hazards of a damp crawl space and how our services help.

Crawl Space Hazards

It is common for Ferndale residents to focus their waterproofing efforts on their basement, however, many tend to neglect their crawl space because it is rarely used and easily forgotten. Unfortunately, water damage within a crawl space can be incredibly dangerous. A damp crawl space is the perfect environment for mold growth and rotting wood. These conditions can attract pests and even introduce health risks to your home.

The water damage in a damp crawl space can cause the wooden support structures to rot, creating the perfect home for carpenter ants and termites. These pests easily eat away at the wood and drywall and compromise the structural integrity of your home. Mold growth is also prevalent in damp crawl spaces. Mold gives off spores that have been tied to respiratory illnesses such as asthma. The spores can make their way into air vents and spread throughout the home.

StayDry Crawl Space Repair

A damp crawl space can present a numerous amount of issues to your home that can be lead to serious damage. It is important to have your crawl space inspected to ensure that your home isn’t at risk of structural damage, pests, or mold growth. We provide services that can prevent damage and repair any existing damage. Some of the services we offer are:

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