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As a Ferndale resident, you understand that the weather is very demanding on your home. Humid and rain summers lead to a lot of snowfall during the winter. You just can’t escape the wet conditions throughout the year. Excess water can cause a lot of problems for homes and basement flooding comes with a number of dangers.

Luckily, StayDry® Waterproofing understands the need for high-quality waterproofing services. We offer tie rod hole repair that will keep those pesky holes from leaking water into your home. We can repair the damage caused to your walls and prevent the issues from occurring again. Learn more about our services and the dangers of tie rod hole leaks.

Basement Flooding Hazards

There are many hazards associated with basement flooding. Both structural and health hazards exist for moisture in basements. The water that enters your home can cause wooden structures to rot. This is a nice meal for carpenter ants and termites. If they chew through the wood in your home, it can weaken the structural integrity of your home.

Outside of the structural damage, moist conditions are also ideal for mold growth. Household mold has been tied to respiratory illnesses. It gives off spores that spread throughout your home using air vents as passageways to every room. Your family could be at risk of developing asthma with the damp conditions in your basement.

Tie Rod Hole Repair from StayDry®

Tie rod holes are one of the most common culprits for leaky basements. These holes are often found in cement structures because of how cement was constructed. Steel rods were used to hold the cement together as it dried. Once the rods were removed, they left small holes that are known as tie rod holes.

We can repair these holes in a number of ways. We offer polyurethane injections that will plug the holes and keep your walls from cracking. We can also equip your home with sump pumps to help pump the water out of your home. We will be able to keep your home dry all year long and prevent any damage from occurring.

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