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The midwest is home to some of the harshest weather throughout the year. As a Grand Rapids resident, you understand the problems that excessive moisture can present to your home. Basements are especially susceptible to water damage. One of the most common issues within a basement are tie rod hole leaks.

Grand Rapids homeowners have access to StayDry® Waterproofing services that can address moisture in your basement and home. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and dry basement. With that said, our StayDry® heroes are here to fill you in on tie rod holes and how our services help.

Common Issues With Cement Basements

If you have a cement basement, chances are you’ve noticed some unsightly marks on your walls. In older cement structures, it was very common for the cement to be held together by wood and steel rods. These objects were removed after the cement dried and the steel rods left tiny holes called tie rod holes. These holes tend to collect water that leaks into your basement.

While these holes are aesthetically unpleasing, they are very easy to recognize. Typically, the steel bars were placed in uniform rows one foot and five feet above the ground. The leave a small quarter-sized mark with water stains flowing toward the ground. Beyond the visual damage, these holes can cause other issues with your basement.

The Dangers of Leaky Basements

A leaky basement is a common threat to your home. Tie rod holes that leak water into your basement can damage the items you have stored in your basement. They are especially troublesome for homeowners with finished basements or those planning to finish their basements. The water can damage any of the walls and insulation you have installed.

Tie rod holes often begin to crack and the water can get caught in those cracks and cause additional damage to your basement walls. If this issue is ignored and becomes serious enough, it can compromise the structural integrity of your home. It is important to get these cracks and holes repaired before the damage becomes serious.

Repair Services for Tie Rod Hole Leaks

We have been providing our waterproofing services throughout Michigan for years. We offer several different options to addressing tie rod hole leaks. Polyurethane injections can fill in tie rod holes and penetrate cracks around the holes. They are water-activated and give your home a lot of sealing pressure to keep your home dry.

Tie Rod Hole Repair in Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you have noticed these pesky leaks in your basement, it’s time to get in contact with StayDry® Waterproofing. We provide the best services to keep your basement protected from the climate. Interested in a free estimate? Contact us here or give us a call at 800.782.9379 to speak with a StayDry® hero today!