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Located on the shores of both Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa, Holland, Michigan is no stranger to heavy precipitation. Both winter and summer months are filled with immense amounts of rain and snow.

This abundance of precipitation may be great for our gardens, but it can have devastating effects on your home. Flooding is a huge risk in all of Michigan, but Holland’s proximity to Lake Michigan makes the risk even greater. With the risks of flooding and water damage, it is essential to have your basement waterproofed before it’s too late.

Year-Round Climate

The year-round climate in Holland, Michigan is greatly influenced by the lake effect caused by both lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa. Temperatures are usually low in the winters and come with a fair amount of snow. Summer months, on the other hand, are warm and filled with rain.

In fact, on average the city receives around 70 inches of snow and more than 35 inches of rain every year. This level of precipitation can put your Holland home at risk for flooding and the water damage that accompanies it. Preventing these issues is essential in Holland.

StayDry Basement Waterproofing Services

Here at StayDry, we understand how water damage can destroy your home. Structurally, water damage can weaken your home’s foundation making your home dangerous to live in. Additionally, water damage can cause a basement to be the perfect environment for mold, which can bring adverse health effects along with it.

To prevent these issues from occurring, consider having StayDry waterproof your basement. We offer many interior and exterior basement waterproofing services for the residents of Holland. Some of our basement waterproofing services are:

Basement Waterproofing Work Requests in Holland

  • Vertical crack in concrete basement wall.
  • Water leaking from walls in basement.
  • Basement leaking. Looking to add a pump and or waterproof from the outside of the house.
  • “16 year old Basement has evidence of water entering on the rear of housee;.would like assessed and remedied asap.
    Tenant would need to be contacted for entry.”

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We’ll say it again: basement floods are not uncommon in Michigan and they can present quite the damage to your Holland home. With water entry often comes structural damages, damaged possessions, and mold growth, which affects the health of everyone in the home. Plus, the compromised structure of your home only increases the risk of danger. Simply put, it’s always best to prevent damage before it occurs, as repairs are often costly and inconvenient. On top of that, we back all of our interior waterproofing services with a lifetime warranty, so don’t hesitate to call!

If your Holland, Michigan home is not waterproofed, it is at risk of flooding and water damage. To prevent this from occurring, have the StayDry heroes waterproof your Holland basement. You can contact us here or call us at 800.800.7073 to get a free quote!