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Holland, Michigan is close to both Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa, making it susceptible to the lake effect. This causes basement flooding and water damage often in the area, which can have detrimental effects on your Holland home. The best way to prevent these damages is by filling your foundation cracks with crack injection repair.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we utilize a high-pressure crack injection method to ensure water will not enter your home. Before you contact us to learn more about our services, let our waterproofing experts fill you in on the hazards associated with foundation cracks and how our services can help prevent such from occurring.

Hazards of Foundation Cracks

The hazards of foundation cracks are far reaching and can impact your home more than you might expect. Water is able to enter your Holland home via these cracks, causing water damage to your basement. This can make your basement the perfect breeding ground for mold growth, which has been linked to asthma and even fungal infections. On top of the likelihood for mold growth, termites are also a common result of moisture issues and they’ll feed on the wood structure of your home, ultimately weakening the structure and leaving it at risk for further damage.

Additionally, foundation cracks can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your Holland home. As temperatures fluctuate, the water in these cracks can cause foundation cracks to expand, spread, and, in some cases, cause the foundation walls to bow inward. Bowing walls will further weaken the structure of your home and make way for even more concerning problems.

Foundation cracks are actually quite inevitable, yet they are completely controllable. With this, it’s essential for Holland homeowners to closely monitor their foundation walls, ensuring no cracks have started to form. If you do notice any cracks within your concrete walls, you’ll want to get in touch with StayDry so we can seal the cracks with our quality injection services.

Holland Crack Injection Repair

Unlike many of our competitors that use a low pressure method, we here at StayDry utilize a high-pressure crack injection method. This is meant to be a permanent repair and will last a lifetime. This is why we back our crack injection repair service with our fully transferable lifetime warranty so you can be sure your home will stay dry for a lifetime.

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