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Holland, Michigan homeowners are well aware of the exceptional amount of moisture the region receives due to the lake effect. However, many residents tend to neglect their crawl spaces because they are rarely entered. However, water damage can cause a great deal of damage that will require crawl space repair to correct.

StayDry Waterproofing has been providing crawl space repair services to residents of Holland for years. Before you contact a StayDry hero for crawl space repair, let our knowledgeable experts explain the hazards of a damp crawl space and how our crawl space services can help prevent and repair any issue.

Hazards of a Wet Crawl Space

A damp crawl space can pose more risks to your home and family than you might think. Water damage in your home’s crawl space can lead to a number of environmental and structural concerns. Mold growth is common in wet crawl spaces and the spores of such are able to travel through your home’s vents, potentially causing illnesses like asthma and fungal infections.

Additionally, water damage in your crawl space can cause the wooden support structures to rot. Rotting wood is the perfect home for pests like termites and carpenter ants. These pests eat away at the rotting wood, causing your home to lose its structural integrity. Regardless of the termites, however, the damp and rotting wood alone is enough to weaken the structure and cause additional damage.

When it comes down to it, a damp crawl space presents both safety and health hazards to you and everyone else inside your Holland home. With this, it’s important to monitor your crawl space regularly to ensure no issues have started to arise. Moisture issues can easily progress unnoticed, so keeping a close watch is crucial. If you do ever notice moisture within your home’s crawl space, be sure to call StayDry so we can assess the issue and prevent further problems from arising.

Holland Crawl Space Repair

Luckily, StayDry is able to provide Holland homeowners and residents with high-quality crawl space repair services to prevent and correct issues like these. Some of our most popular crawl space repair services are:

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