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Many homeowners in Holland, Michigan have waterproofed their basements in preparation for a flood, which is not uncommon in the midwest. However, a flooded basement isn’t the only concern residents should have. Foundation damage is quite common in Holland and many types of damage will require foundation repair in order to protect the structural integrity of the house.

Luckily, StayDry Waterproofing is well-versed in foundation repair. If your home’s foundation has been damaged, we can help repair the damage with ease. Before you contact a StayDry hero, let our resourceful staff fill you in on the causes of foundation damage and the foundation repair services we offer here at StayDry.

Causes of Common Foundation Damage

Holland homeowners may be well aware of the potential damage water can cause to a foundation, but there are other factors in play as well. For example, the type of soil your home is built on has a large impact on the condition of your home’s foundation.

Clay and silt soils are able to retain more moisture than sandy soils. This might not seem like a problem, however, when the temperature fluctuates, the soil expands and contracts, putting unnecessary stress on the foundation. Cracks can begin to form and get bigger as the process repeats, and in some cases, the foundation walls can begin to bow inward. Foundation repair will be needed to correct these issues and keep your home, and family, safe.

Holland Foundation Repair from StayDry

If your Holland home has fallen victim to foundation damage, StayDry is here to help. We can assess and repair a number of different foundation issues including bowing walls and cracked foundations. Some of the foundation repair services we offer are:

Michigan is a beautiful place to call home and raise a family. With its natural beauty, fair housing prices and plenty of activities year round it is the perfect spot to put down roots. However, those roots, or foundation in your homes case, undergo a lot of stress throughout Michigan’s hot, wet summers and cold, icy winters. Protecting your home against foundational and structural damage is key in keeping this your happy place to live. Learn more about repair services available to homeowners in the Holland area.

At StayDry® Waterproofing we are dedicated to giving homeowners in the Holland area quality 24-hour services to meet their home’s needs. As a local Michigan business ourselves, we understand the need to save money and protect your home against further damage. We offer free home consultations to help determine what might pose a threat to your home, then fix these issues so you can have peace of mind. Learn more about our services for Holland homeowners today.

Michigan’s Trusted Foundation Repair Expert

We have been in the business of foundation repair since 2006, with many of our experts being in the field of home contracting and foundation repair for much longer. Our team is a team of professional, licensed in a number services to ensure that when you call our team, each member can give the same level of high-quality service and repair.

Some of our services include:

  • Foundation repair
  • Sump Pump installation
  • Mold removal
  • Plumbing repair
  • and many more!

If you have identified an issue within your home, don’t wait to call. This can not only make the problem worse, but over time it can also be more expensive to repair. We are dedicated to giving our clients a high-quality job at an affordable cost, but the longer an issue remain unrepaired the most dangerous it can be for your home and for your pocketbook.

Don’t hesitate to call our team at any time of day, as we are a 24-hour service. We always have a live person on our telephone line, and keep our fleet of service trucks prepared to make the journey regardless of the Michigan weather.

Common Michigan Foundation Problems

Homes in the Holland area will face some of the normal issues aging home undergo, as well as possible foundational issue due to Michigan’s extreme weather during the summer and winter seasons.

Common homeowner problems in Michigan can include water in your basement or crawl space. Many homes are built below the natural water table, allowing more water to pool towards the foundation of your home, and often even entering your home through and cracks or floor separations.

These issues can be easily taken care of through proper water and mold removal, then installation of things such as sump pumps, better drainage systems or even a vapor barrier to keep moisture out.

Other issues that Michigan homeowners may face is soil issues. While soil and your homes foundation may not seem related, they in many ways affect each other. Learn more about protecting your home against soil issues today.

Foundation Repair Issues Fixed: Soil Issues

The ground, or soil, that your home sits on or is surrounded by is an important aspect to protecting your home and preventing water and foundational damage. If your soil is poorly excavated, or is not leveled properly to direct away from your home, it can instead direct water to your foundation and into your home.

Other soil issue include having too dry of soil during hot summer months, making it very expandable and prone to soil soaking when a heavy rain or wet season comes. While this may sound nice for your plants, it is bad for your home. It can have the same effects of unleveled soil in that it can attract water to the base of your home, which could lead to a number of problems.

When you work with StayDry® Waterproofing, our professional fix the root of the problem. We not only ensure that your soil is fixed, leveled and measured accordingly, but we also install any needed drains and foundation repair to ensure the issue won’t happen again.

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As we mentioned above, the stress put on your foundation from changing climates and the type of soil beneath your Holland home can be quite problematic. Though they’re common and even inevitable, foundation cracks can quickly progress, causing foundation walls to crumble and potentially let moisture into the home. What’s more concerning, however, are the possible bowing walls that often result from settling foundations. Bowing walls can compromise the structural integrity of the home and leave it prone to further issues. With this, Holland homeowners should monitor the condition of their home’s foundation closely. If you do notice any issues, you should contact the professionals at StayDry right away.

If you are concerned about the condition of your home’s foundation you can get a free estimate here from StayDry. You can also contact us by calling 800.782.9379 to get started today!