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Most regions in the midwest are no strangers to experiencing heavy rain and snow. Howell is no exception to the wet conditions throughout the year. While residents can simply acclimate to the weather conditions, our homes cannot. Your home is at risk in damp conditions and it is important to know your options for waterproofing.

Here at StayDry Waterproofing, we provide a number of repair services, including crawl space repair. We recognize that keeping your crawl space dry and safe can help avoid potentially serious issues in your home. Our staff is here to fill you in on the dangers of a damp crawl space and how our services can help.

Crawl Space Hazards

Crawl Spaces are often utilized for storage and rarely used beyond that. Because of that, homeowners tend to neglect this area of their home and don’t take the necessary precaution in waterproofing the space. Moisture and darkness is the perfect recipe for mold growth, rotting wood, and attracting pests.

Mold can be troublesome for your home because it has been tied to respiratory illnesses such as asthma. The mold can give off spores which then spread through the vents in your house. The mold growth only increases with the wet conditions in the crawl space and it can spread through the area. The dampness also promotes rotting wood and invites numerous pests into the area.

Rotting wood or drywall is appealing to termites and carpenter ants. They have an easy time chewing through it and create structural damage to your home. With excessive rain and snowfall, the wet wood in your crawl space can be a severe threat if ignored for a long time. It is best to prevent the problem from happening rather than repairing it.

StayDry Crawl Space Repair

It is less expensive and safer to prevent crawl space damage than repair it. We offer a range of services to Howell residents. If you notice any moisture in your crawl space, you should contact us right away. Some of the services we offer are:

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