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Kalamazoo is prone to immense levels of precipitation, much like the rest of Michigan. Rain and snowfall can have disastrous effects on your Kalamazoo home if the proper precautions are not taken. Basement waterproofing is needed to prevent the dangers of water damage.
And crack injection repair is a sound way to ensure your foundation cracks are sealed.

Here at StayDry Waterproofing, we offer basement waterproofing services, including crack injection repair, to the residents and homeowners of Kalamazoo. Before you contact us, let our waterproofing experts fill you in on the dangers of foundation cracks and how we can help protect your Kalamazoo home from water damage.

Dangers of Foundation Cracks

The dangers of foundation cracks are far reaching. While they may not seem concerning at first, water can seep into your home via these cracks, causing them to grow in size. When the temperatures in Kalamazoo fluctuate, these cracks will expand, spread, and, in some cases, cause your foundation walls to bow inward. This alone is enough to leave your home prone to further issues, as these worsening cracks and potentially bowing walls affect the structural integrity of the home.

Additionally, water damage can cause a host of environmental dangers and health risks to rise. Mold growth is prevalent in damp, dark areas of the home, making a wet basement the perfect habitat. Plus, mold growth can cause respiratory infections among anyone living inside the home. On top of that, pests like termites and carpenter ants also find the rotting wood caused by water damage appealing. If they eat away at these support structures, your home could lose the structural integrity keeping it safe and intact.

Clearly, addressing any concrete cracks as they start to form is great practice in keeping you and your home safe. With this, it’s important to monitor your foundation walls often to ensure no cracks have begun to form. If cracks have occurred, give us a call so we can resolve the issue and prevent further ones with our quality crack injection service.

Kalamazoo Crack Injection

The best way to prevent the dangers of foundation cracks is to have them sealed with crack injection repair services from StayDry. Unlike many of our competitors, we use a high-pressure crack injection method that is meant to last a lifetime. This is why we back our interior waterproofing services, including our crack injection repair, with our fully transferable lifetime warranty to ensure your basement will stay dry for a lifetime.

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