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Between the lake effect and the typical climate of the midwest, Kalamazoo homeowners should be well aware of the issues high precipitation, humidity, and rainfall can present to their homes. Though flooded basements are usually the most concerning, a damp crawl space is a common result of the region’s weather. Damp crawl spaces can actually be just as concerning too, as they pose threats to both the structure or your home and you! No matter the cause, a wet crawl space warrants the need for quality repair from a professional.

Fortunately, Kalamazoo homeowners can take advantage of the crawl space repair services we offer here at StayDry Waterproofing. Having been in the business for years, we have the skills and expertise to handle nearly any issue, especially when it comes to crawl spaces. Take a moment to learn more about our services and the dangers of a damp crawl space.

Damp Crawl Spaces: Common Problems

Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to neglect their home’s crawl space, as it’s typically used primarily for storage and is rarely entered. This is concerning, however, because damp crawl spaces can quickly result in damages that present danger to those inside the home. First off, damp crawl spaces often lend themselves to mold growth, which is known to present adverse health effects. Mold spores can spread through vents and lead to numerous respiratory illnesses.

Aside from these health effects, damp crawl spaces are also the perfect home for pests like termites and carpenter ants, as they’ll feed on the rotting wood and drywall. When this occurs, the structural integrity of your home becomes compromised and can even become prone to collapsing. The damp and rotting wood alone, however, is enough to weaken the structure, leaving it prone to further, more serious issues.

Because a damp crawl space can present both safety and health hazards to everyone inside the home, preventing these issues from arising is crucial. In preventing such, it’s always good practice to monitor your crawl space often to ensure no moisture has made its way inside. If you do notice any issues, call StayDry right away so we can assess the damages, as it’ll be cheaper and easier to prevent further issues. When your crawl space is overcome with moisture, StayDry has the crawl space repair services to keep you safe and your home intact.

Kalamazoo Crawl Space Repair

If you do happen to notice moisture in your crawl space, calling us immediately is crucial. Damage from a damp crawl space can quickly progress and cause the damages mentioned above. At StayDry, we have a number of services to keep your home and crawl space protected. Take a look at some of our services below:

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Like we said, Kalamazoo homeowners should call us the moment they notice any issues within their crawl spaces. These issues can escalate and result in more costly repairs, so don’t ignore them. In an effort to keep your home and those inside safe, StayDry provides effective solutions.

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