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When it comes to living in Michigan, many homeowners are often wary of basement floods, as they can wreak havoc on your Lansing home. However, basement floods aren’t the only cause for concern here in the midwest. Foundation cracks, which can be the result of numerous factors, can be just as worrisome as basement floods, and they can even lead to such. Simply put, cracks in your foundation walls will call for the crack injection service we offer at StayDry Waterproofing.

Here at StayDry, we’re committed to keeping Lansing homeowners, and that of the rest of Michigan, protected from the damages water can present to their homes. With this, we offer effective crack injection to keep both you and your home safe. Let’s take a look at the dangers of foundation cracks and how we can be of aid when they occur.

Cracked Foundations: Potential Dangers

As mentioned, cracks in your foundation walls can be quite concerning. Though foundation cracks are common, and even inevitable, they can quickly progress if they are not addressed promptly. Often due to the natural settling of your Lansing home, as well as changes in climate, foundation cracks will only worsen with these factors. When they do, these cracks can and will affect the structural integrity of your home, and your health too.

You see, as foundation cracks progress, they weaken the structure of your home. Often times, crumbling concrete and even bowing walls result from these cracks. Additionally, the moisture let in by foundation cracks can lead to mold growth within the home, which can have adverse health effects on everyone inside the home. To prevent these kind of issues, you’ll need crack injection from StayDry.

Crack Injection for Lansing Homeowners

If cracks in your foundation walls have become a problem, it’s essential you contact the heroes at StayDry right away. Unlike most other waterproofing companies, StayDry utilizes a high-pressure crack injection system to ensure your foundation cracks are completely sealed. In contrast, our competitors often use a low-pressure system and epoxy, which is really just a temporary fix. On top of your efficient service, we back it with a fully-transferrable, lifetime warranty!

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Don’t hesitate to call StayDry when you notice cracks in your Lansing home’s foundation walls. It’s always cheaper and easier to prevent damage rather than repair it once it’s already occurred. Plus, with our crack injection service, you can rest assured knowing those foundation cracks will be effectively sealed.

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