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Central Michigan may not be as close to the Great Lakes as other parts of the state, but cities like Lansing still get more than their fair share of precipitation. While many Lansing homeowners have their basement waterproofed, often times crawl spaces are ignored. Water damage to a crawl space will require crawl space repair from StayDry.

Since protecting your home’s crawl space from water damage is so crucial, StayDry Waterproofing offers our wonderful crawl space repair services to Lansing homeowners. Before you give us a call to set up an appointment, let us fill you in on how dangerous a damp crawl space can be and how we can help fix any issue.

Hazards of a Damp Crawl Space

There are a number of reasons why you should have your crawl space protected from potential water damage. For example, a damp crawl space is the perfect environment for mold to thrive. Mold spores are able to travel through the vents in your home, which can ultimately lead to respiratory illnesses and fungal infections.

Additionally, water damage can make your crawl space the perfect home for pests like termites and carpenter ants. These pests eat away the rotting wood and drywall caused by water damage. This can cause structural damage to your home, putting the safety of you and your family at risk. Not to mention, the damp and rotting wood alone is enough to weaken the structure.

Clearly, a damp crawl space can pose quite the threat to your Lansing home. Considering the safety hazards and health concerns that often result from wet crawl spaces, it’s essential to take care of any issue as soon as you see them arise. With this, it’s recommended you monitor your home’s crawl space fairly often, checking for signs of moisture and water damage. If you do notice anything, you should give StayDry a call right away, as any moisture issues can quickly progress into a more serious matter. Luckily, StayDry offers high-quality crawl space repair services for the residents of Lansing, Michigan.

Crawl Space Repair Services

Whether water damage has already occurred or you are taking precautionary steps to protect your Lansing home, StayDry offers crawl space repair services for any issue. Some of the high-quality services we offer in Lansing are:

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